MBNA Online Portal Upgrade

It looks like MBNA’s online management platform has been moved over to Lloyds Banking Group web based system… The new system is a reskinned version of the Lloyds Bank web access

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What’s the value of getting a MBNA card as opposed to one from a high street bank?

I remember looking and there doesn’t seem to be any unique features (eg. Cashback)

It depends what you need.

I got it originally for the 0% interest for 2 year on purchases, balance transfers** and money transfers**. I don’t think you can get all 3 anymore at the same time but I have the option of extending one or the others.

** had a one off fee.

Same here, I purely use it for interest free balance transfers.

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Downgrade :-1:

If you’re not on a promotion, I honestly can’t think of a single reason to pick MBNA over any other provider…

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I only use MBNA for balance transfers, they tend to have better 0% deals that Barclaycard. By which I mean they generally have a lower transfer fee

Yes, their deals are pretty good.
As for the card itself, here’s the sales pitch

All MBNA credit cards share these fantastic features:

  • Manage your account online and ‘on the go’ with Online Card Services and the mobile Card Services App.
  • Feel safe with us. If you’re a victim of fraud – online or otherwise – you’re protected.
  • Make swift and secure payments with your card or mobile. You’ll find contactless and Chip & PIN on all our cards.