Metro Bank shares

Time to buy shares?

A bank that thinks branches are the way forward, probably not.


I disagree. Starling, Monzo, N26 have all taken one approach which is mobile only and no branch and to be fair the experience is good if you like that kind of thing but let’s face it their customer service doesn’t exactly excel.

Metro Bank also took one approach and it’s focused on customer service, and dealing with people face to face. I hate the inconsistency of the queing systems at Metro Bank but thats just because I remember the earlier days of walk in get done and walk out.

The problem with both of these concepts is that they only serve one part of a market. If you combined Metro Banks bricks and mortar approach with Starlings technology you’d have an extremely formidable challenger in retail banking.

In the short term customers.will like this but it is.expensove so will make them increasingly uncompetitive. Then they will close them all like everyone else is.

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Getting ugly


I’m gonna buy me some shares init, when all this blows over I’ll be balling harder then ever :sunglasses: