Metro Bank Suspending Apple Pay

I received this from Metro Bank today

I have contacted them to find out more but so far no one I’ve spoken to seems to have any clue. Seems like a major backwards step for a bank.
The big concern for me is the “hoping to get them back up and running by the middle of next year”.


That’s crazy. Surely get the work done, before making the changes?

This is only for business debit cards right?

I was with Metro Bank for a while; the CS style on the phone always seemed to be of the “wide boy” variety and getting through to someone who could actually help was always a horrendous experience.

I’m surprised by this move however, loosing Apple and Google Pay for business accounts is a major thing.

I have two business accounts with them so this is going to be a big one for me.

At this point if Starling get Xero Integration sorted it could be the push I need to make a full switch

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Wow…Wonder how many business customers they have who will be impacted by this ?

Let’s not forget Metro Bank is a new high street bank for over 30 years… so they are still valuable to rookie mistakes…

Apart from fee-free EU transactions (which is basically nothing to us and the young that use Monzo), Metro Bank has really nothing to offer.

I’ve followed up with my account manager and it doesn’t look like I’ll benefit from any of their upcoming changes without paying them. My company is grandfathered into their original business account which means all my banking is free as long as I maintain a balance of at least £2k. However they won’t move this account to their dedicated business platform unless I agree to change the account type to one with a £5 monthly fee and electronic transaction charges of 30p per transaction.

I’m basically loosing Apple Pay until a date TBD and then when it’s back I won’t benefit from any of the supposed new controls.

It’s sad really because on the when they started they where a great bank for SME’s but now they’re on par with Clydesdale Bank as the most expensive business bank on the high street.

Sigh… if only Starling had Xero integration :neutral_face:

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The problem is I don’t see the point in Curve. I get that it’s good if you travel and don’t have a credit Card that travels well. But for me I use my debit Card or my Amex for almost everything.

I don’t think curve would help in this instance unless they now support Apple Pay.

I used to have a curve card but I very quickly stopped using it

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But now you can use it because it has Xero integration. Swap your Starling card for the Curve and voila.

Thanks for the replies.

Ita not just about Xero Integration with the transactions but across my account.

Right now I’m trying to convince my business partner (the one that handles the finances) to switch to Starling anyway. I don’t think downloading the CSV is a huge hassle.

I’ve been re-thinking my decision to cut curve so maybe I’ll sign up and give this a go.

I wonder why/how suspending the Pays helps with changing limits.

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I’ve been pushing my account manager for answer on that too. So far no luck