Metro expanding branch network?

To be honest, I’ve never thought much about Metro as their branch network has so far been mostly in the South East.

Walking down Market Street in Manchester for the first time in ages yesterday, I noticed that a branch is being constructed on the outside of the Arndale, due to open in the Autumn.

Have since found this press release from April:

Are Metro planning to expand elsewhere?

And now they’re going to be local to me, are they worth considering?

Birmingham as well:

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They’ve purchased a lease in Sheffield too.

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Yes. They want numbers rn. They opened a Swindon branch that opens pretty late a while ago now.

Who are you with now?

A number of banks :grin:

Just wondered if Metro offer anything interesting / different.

Free withdrawal and spending in EEA countries

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And branch network… 7 days a week… till late - 8pm

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I suspect the answer will be no, for the majority of users on this forum.


I’ve had a personal account with Metro bank for about 6 years and just opened a Business account.

I hardly use the personal account, I only opened it to get a safety deposit box and a decent fixed savings they had at the time.

Whats good from the little i’ve used;

Branches are open early and late, weekends etc, think they only close about 3 days a year. Account opening is very easy, on the personal account they printed my debit card there and then.

The App is a bit basic looking but works fine.

Business account, early days but so far so good.

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They’ve built a new branch in Solihull too. At great expense!

Looks like Metro’s planned branch network expansion is going to have to wait.