Microsoft Paint reprieved 🎊

Good news for fans of crap digital drawings.


They should have just done a rewritten app in UWP with the modern interface - rather than the fancy Paint 3D app which was silly.

I like paint, I use it to mock people in the office :joy_cat:

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I used it mostly to paste in screen shots when telling people “it’s user error, dickhead”.
This was before I knew of the existence to the snipping tool.


I use both so I can add arrows and impact font

Wait… What’s the snipping tool? :thinking:

Alt + F4 will bring it up.

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Press start and start tying snipping. It’s a standard accessory app.

It’s like print screen, but gives you more control. Let’s you take the full screen or draw a box. Also lets you copy it or save it directly to a file.

Even better, as of Office 2010(?) the snipping tool is built directly in to Office - can easily snip or include a screenshot of any open window from the ribbon.

I’m actually like the snipping tool, although I’m sure I saw that it’s being replaced by another tool soon?

(Thanks for the instructions @Liam, but @anon36870340 obviously knew a quicker way!)

It’s had a temporary reprieve, but due to be replaced by ‘Snip and Sketch’ (madness you couldn’t make up…)

What’s the best replacement for the Windows 10 Snipping Tool?

They better not remove my snipping tool :o I use that like a 100 times a day :thinking:


Paint :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: