Microsoft Store London

Heading here today. Can’t wait to see what the store is like

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Need to visit that store sometime. Definitely by the end of the month.

Take some pictures @thefifthrace

Certainly looks nicer than the ones I’ve been into in the US. I was thinking of going back to Windows as I’m not impressed by Apple’s laptops anymore and I like that if you get them from the Microsoft store they don’t have any of that annoying (3rd party) junkware.

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Do they sell laptops other than Surface?

It’s not a huge selection and I don’t know how many they’ll put in the store but you can get online:


Yes they do. It’s called the signature range and Microsoft require manufacturers to remove all their preinstalled shite if they want to be included


I’m really interested to see what’s coming next with Windows Core OS and their platform on ARM.
Although I’m a big believer in PWA’s, the app platform is still letting it down though.

Your belief is unfounded they’re cool in theory but rarely feel as nice as a natively developed app!

I quite like having everything easily switchable within tabs in a web browser; so PWA’s are a good thing in my eyes.

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Do apps need to be native? Wouldn’t it be easier for a developer to write once, run everywhere?

Although it might be a bit rudimental at the moment, I can see where that technology is heading.

No but they feel nicer if they’re native and written well, imo. Normally fits in with the platform UI/UX better when written natively also.

Normally yes, not a guarantee though.

Like with React Native if you start using a bunch of platform specific shirt - it might be nice to have the familarity of the platform of React Native but you’re still developing separate pages for each app on each platform - the only difference is you have the shared core to take a little of both the learning curve and the hassle away.

Hopefully in the trash.

It’s neat but it isn’t resulting in anything but 5000 bad applications because the companies using electron don’t invest enough into having people optimize electron. RAM is apparently becoming too cheap for them to care about the 8001 memory leaks that it’s going to have as well as any other performance issues.

Fix those and I’ll happily say Electron is a good idea.

What would you suggest Microsoft do to sort out the app problem?

Get Android apps running on Windows/WCOS?

Do what every large company needs to do and contribute to open-source software.

Microsoft are actually very good with this kind of thing compared to others.

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This definitely isn’t the Microsoft of the past. Obviously the change in leadership is part of it but the shift to services has made a huge difference. It still takes some getting used to :sweat_smile:

Visual Studio Code runs on Electron and you almost can’t tell… so it can be done!

I don’t think this would be as hard as it sounds. They are about to ship a full Linux kernel with the next OS update. There’s no reason they couldn’t do what Amazon did and replicate the APIs but a lot of apps wont work even with that (they require the Play Store, at least without changes) or don’t work on desktop CPUs. Then again Windows has a much bigger install base than Kindle Fire’s so you never know.

Microsoft already have Xamarin which can write Windows/Android/iOS native apps but it’s clearly not working. I wonder if their best bet would be to extend React Native to support Windows. Google might also solve the problem for them soon with flutter.