Mobile Phone Insurance


Myself and the Mrs both have iPhone X’s, so I think I need to look at insurance for cracked screens etc.

Would be handy if there’s a policy which covers family, as kids have phones too.

Any recommendations? As I don’t have a bank account which covers this.

Many thanks :iphone:


A lot of assumptions here…

But the Nationwide FlexPlus account is probably worth it in this instance.

If you stick the £2,500 in there earning the interest, it brings the monthly fee down from £13 to about £6.50.

So for £6.50 you get mobile phone cover (and a host of other benefits).

Outside of that - I can’t really say I’ve seen a decent company!


Cheers Nick, I’ll have a look :smile:

(Dave) #4

I would just check with Nationwide on that. I’ve got the FlexPlus but it states it only covers up to £1000, and I’ve seen some people asking on Twitter if it covers the higher prices of the iPhone X and there has been some confusion over that. I don’t have an iPhone X myself so I haven’t personally asked them.


Yeah I’ve seen that as well.

I’d imagine with the steep increase in top end iPhones, they may have to revisit this (or charge a premium for phones over £1000).

(Dan Mullen) #6

Nationwide FlexPlus beats every other mobile insurance policy hands down. I’ve had to make about four claims over the years - one for my wife’s phone and three for my daughter’s! Always had great service with a really quick turnaround. The price is incredible!

(DΛVΞ) #7

I noticed that Starling have added So-Sure to their marketplace offerings. Not sure if they’re any good?


It was about £13 quid for 1 top end iPhone when I looked, so I just dismissed it (because of Nationwides offering).


Yep, looks like I’ll be opening up a NW account. Didn’t realise it covered breakdown and travel too!

Thanks for all your advice everyone :+1:

(Dan Mullen) #10

Honestly, even without the other travel and breakdown cover it’s a bargain at £13. Those other policies are a nice bonus though!

(Dave) #11

It’s good to hear that the phone insurance is backed by good service.

I’ve never had to claim myself, but I know someone else who has a FlexPlus account and they used the breakdown cover and said they were fast coming out and very good when they did.

For me the travel insurance is useful as it also covers business travel.

(Dan Mullen) #12

Yes, I did have to use the breakdown cover once and they got the car to the dealer and me and my family home :+1:t2:

I haven’t had to claim on the travel insurance but it’s saved me having to purchase a separate policy. It’s a very good policy by all accounts.


From my personal experience no but they tried.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #14

Nationwide hands down.

Starling should take note of our strong feelings on this particular package.

(sam) #15

Pretty sure it’sa loss leader at that price. I pay similar to HSBC. Would be a fortune to buy seperately.

(Dan Mullen) #16

The beauty of Nationwide’s mobile insurance is it covers every phone in the household! Not sure if any others offer that - haven’t seen it anywhere else.

(Graham Butler ) #17

Nationwide’s is soundly, a cracking deal.

For those who don’t have need of the broader travel insurance, etc, but need mobile insurance, I’ve found that my Sky Protect policy (sky equipment insurance) also includes other viewing devices.

I’ve just added my Xr at no extra cost (if I’d known, I’d have done it yonks ago). £8.99 all in.


I doubt starling will ever offer packaged accounts, they seem very against that kind of thing. It’s the same attitude towards switching bonuses.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #19

That so sure link in the app isn’t that bad actually. £10 a month

I am tempted. They sound decent as well…



Hurrah just opened a NW account :clap: