Mobile Phone Insurance

(Dan Mullen) #21

If you’re interested, as a current account holder you can open a regular saver - 5% AER on up to £250 per month.


Cheers Dan, I’ll def be looking at that!

(Lawrence Ferguson) #23

You making me miss nationwide a bit…

My partner is with them…maybe I should upgrade her account on condition I pay the monthly fee…


Anyone looked at Revoluts offering?


What’s the excess on Nationwide’s offering?


They don’t cover theft and on top of that it’s not very clear on what happens if you get your phone replaced. It’s also a little shitty in that it doesn’t cover phones over 6 months old, tbh.

(Dan Mullen) #27

It’s £25 or £50 for iPhones. I think it might be double if your phone is stolen. I’ve never had a problem with a claim and the turnaround is usually really quick.

(Dan Mullen) #28

I should say, if anyone is thinking of doing a CASS to Nationwide, let me know and I’ll send you an invite so we both get £100 :smiley:


If I weren’t with them already I’d have taken you up on that :sob:

(Dave Alderton) #30

Just spoken to Nationwide. They are covering the XS, XR and XS Max at no extra charge.

They will be updating their terms and conditions in the near future.


That’s really good to know!

As soon as Nationwide sort their life out regarding the wrong address they have for my wife, I’ll open the account!

We have a Nationwide mortgage in both of our names (registered to our current address), but when I go to upgrade our joint account, it has her address in our old house (from 3 years ago).

Phone support was as useful as a chocolate teapot.


Might want to pop into a branch, not sure how good they are outside of their HQ town but they’re pretty bloody on the ball here.

(Ashley Quint) #33

I would absolutely recommend this. Its excellent value.


Another vote for nationwide: not only do I think they are excellent value for money (especially if you have multiple phones in the household, and/or make use of the other insurances as well), but their claim handling is good!

I had a claim this week for a cracked screen: claim completely handled online and took less than 5 min to fill in the form. Sent my phone off for repair on Monday, got it back repaired yesterday (Thursday), so really can’t possibly be any quicker.

(Dan) #35

Just joined Nationwide solely for the flexplus. Car warranty just expired so no more free breakdown cover. We’ve got three mobile phones in the house and never had cover for them so this part is also great. I believe we bought these through our LTD company though, so not entirely sure if they’re covered… The invoice has my name on it but also the company one - has anyone had this before? Thanks in advance!


I used their phone cover twice. They didn’t ask for any proof of ownership

(Dan Mullen) #37

Same here, must have used it four or five times and each time it was handled quickly, no fuss, no paperwork required other than the claim form.

(Dan) #38

Thanks guys!


first direct Directory offers breakdown cover from RAC, phone and travel insurance from Aviva for £15 a month.
Nice deal as well. Really improved

(Glen) #40

Does anyone know if NW pay the 5% on the first £2,500 only for the first year on their Plus plan?