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I didn’t think they did, but my Mum has just been refused another year with this account.

I haven’t checked whether this is an admin issue or what (she was under the assumption it would carry on).

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Yep. Slightly played the system by going from an joint account to an individual account to get an extra year, but can’t get any longer.

Also, fairly sure I’m only allowed the one linked regular saver at 5%.


If we’re talking Nationwide FlexPlus, they pay interest for as long as you pay the £13 monthly fee. It’s just the FlexDirect account that reduces the interest rate they pay after the first year, but that account doesn’t come with the insurance benefits of FlexPlus as it’s free.


I thought they meant Natwest lol

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Yes it’s the FlexPlus I’m talking about. I’ve had a FlexDirect which know know does drop the interest rate after the first year.

Now … recommend a friend. Would this work as an existing customer if I were to be recommended by someone and took out a switch to a FlexPlus?


Have a read below of the T&Cs of their refer-a-friend reward scheme. I had a quick glance through but couldn’t find a definitive answer; you may need to contact them directly. I suspect that if you’re already with Nationwide you won’t be entitled to a share in the £200 reward sadly.

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I have no idea if this is just normal when it comes to insurance but had a response from the FOS about so-sure. It would maybe explain why so-sure didn’t bother to reply to my complaint.

After reviewing the file it emerged that there are two parties involved in this policy, a broker and the underwriter. Complaints that are about the administration or sale of the policy can be dealt with by the broker but complaints about claims will fall into the responsibility of the underwriter. That’s because the underwriter ultimately makes the decision about whether a claim will be accepted and paid for.

The policy you hold is sold and administered by So-Sure, which are a representative of AFL Insurance Brokers. However, the underwriter of the policy is Salva Kindlustuse AS, which are registered in Estonia.

The remit of our service is limited to businesses registered in the UK. An exception to this are businesses that are registered elsewhere but have signed up to our jurisdiction voluntarily. Salva Kindlustuse AS haven’t done this so unfortunately we’re not able to look into complaints about them.

I understand that the complaint issue is about an incorrect IMEI of the phone you’re trying to claim for, which might look like an administrative problem at first sight. And I can see that So-Sure have handled all claim correspondence so far. But even if I would decide in your favour on the merits of the complaint, it wouldn’t be So-Sure that I could ask to meet the claim but it would have to be Salva Kindlustuse AS as the underwriter. And as I explained, I cannot do this because they don’t fall into our scope.

So because I can’t hold So-Sure responsible for any claim decisions as they’re not the underwriter, and because Salva Kindlustuse AS are not within our remit, I’m unfortunately unable to assess your complaint further.


In all the FOS cases involving insurance I have seen or been involved with over the years, very few actually win.

If you look at the figures, they match what I have seen You need to click on resolved cases. Only 30% are resolved in favour of the customer.

So without knowing the in’s and out’s I would say thats very normal.

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Well, I’m disappointed they couldn’t look at my complaint as it was an open and shut case to me at least. They wouldn’t process my claim as they said when I made a previous claim they replaced the phone so it had a different IMEI to the one on my proof of usage. The problem was I still have the phone they claimed to have replaced as it still has the same IMEI it always has :joy:


Wow, that’s terrible. Are there any other ways you can hold them to it? I’d be letting Starling know as well, though I guess you didn’t buy it via their marketplace?


No I went direct before it was even on the marketplace. There’s nothing I can do now that the FOS won’t even look into it.

I just thought people should know that if something goes wrong there is nothing you can do.


Send So-Sure a letter before action, setting out the issue, setting out how they are wrong, ie you still have the phone with the IMEI as registered. So you will be issuing a small claims action for the money they owe you.

Providing you can prove its the same phone that they didn’t replace etc, they will have two options, ignore you, or give you some sort of solution.

If they ignore you then issue a small claims action for the money they owe you.

The FOS is not the end of it if you don’t want it to be.

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I could do that but I have no idea what my claim would be for, the premiums, the cost of a repair? :thinking:


The amount you are out of pocket, that will include phone calls and so on. Paying premiums for a product they know you can’t use would most likely be something you can claim, but definitely the cost of the repair.


I’ll look into it. A letter before action might be enough anyway.


Did you get the phone repaired? Then claim for that.

Will only cost you £30 or so to actually force them to court.

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