Mobile Phone Insurance


I didn’t think they did, but my Mum has just been refused another year with this account.

I haven’t checked whether this is an admin issue or what (she was under the assumption it would carry on).

(Neil) #42

Yep. Slightly played the system by going from an joint account to an individual account to get an extra year, but can’t get any longer.

Also, fairly sure I’m only allowed the one linked regular saver at 5%.


If we’re talking Nationwide FlexPlus, they pay interest for as long as you pay the £13 monthly fee. It’s just the FlexDirect account that reduces the interest rate they pay after the first year, but that account doesn’t come with the insurance benefits of FlexPlus as it’s free.


I thought they meant Natwest lol

(Glen) #45

Yes it’s the FlexPlus I’m talking about. I’ve had a FlexDirect which know know does drop the interest rate after the first year.

Now … recommend a friend. Would this work as an existing customer if I were to be recommended by someone and took out a switch to a FlexPlus?


Have a read below of the T&Cs of their refer-a-friend reward scheme. I had a quick glance through but couldn’t find a definitive answer; you may need to contact them directly. I suspect that if you’re already with Nationwide you won’t be entitled to a share in the £200 reward sadly.