Mobile Phone Provider Recommendations

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Surely a Three-purchased phone cannot override physics?
A radiowave can either reach you or it can’t?

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Sadly I’d need the phone to take the pic!


Arm outstretched … standard for a selfie :wink:


I’ve found this can mean the difference between getting signal indoors or not at all.

4G Super-Voice doesn’t work on other non-Three devices yet however, even if the manufacturer has stated that it’s VoLTE compatible. We’re working on this, so be sure to check back for updates.


Although that page does say it works on compatible non-Three iPhones.

(Liam) #26

OK, I see what you mean.

4GSuperVoice, for the uninitiated, is essentially Three’s internal brand name for what everybody else calls Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

4G phones would initially drop down to 3G to make calls because the 4G network is essentially data only.

If you have a 4G signal, but are in an area with patchy 3G signal then only Three-purchased phones will enable you to make that call (without resorting to Whatapp, Skype, A N other VoIP).

Three doesn’t offer a particularly great selection of phones.


Just to show what I mean from their coverage checker.


After with 4g supervoice as they call it:

This is the problem with three their indoor coverage is probably the worst but if you get your phone from them you most likely won’t notice.

(Dave) #28

I tried GiffGaff a few years back and wasn’t impressed with the 4G (which wasn’t even as good as 3G on other networks). Low data prioritisation during the day meant only “proper” 4G speeds after midnight. Given that they use O2 I compared to an O2 SIM and it was clear that it was to do with bandwidth available to GiffGaff as O2 was very fast. You probably wouldn’t notice for most things though. It was a common problem mentioned on their forums.

I’m with EE because of good coverage and find they will negotiate a price on the web chat if you say you want to stay with them (currently paying £10 per month for a £15 tariff). O2 was good but had patchy coverage some of the places I go. Haven’t been with Vodafone for many years and never had Three.

(James Cocker) #29

Think I might be ruling out MVNOs then. Just had a look and none of them seem of offer Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE or Visual Voicemail (iD Mobile seems to offer Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE but not Tethering!).

Thanks! Hadn’t heard of hullomail, but looks like it could take care of the Visual Voicemail aspect if I did go with Three. I used to use Libon Voicefeed a long time ago which did something similar.


Ha, this thread prompted me to check tariffs and I found out I could get the same unlimited deal I was on for £20 instead of £23. Means I’ve committed to another 12 months but for the saving I can live with that.

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I’m with EE on a sim only Max plan.

I get unlimited calls and sms with 20GB of data for £25 per month. It’s not the cheapest but it includes roaming in the the EU, US, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.

Normally with EE they support all the features Apple offer like visual voicemail. I was thinking of switching to Vodafone sim only as they offer roaming in more countries outside of Europe but visual voicemail is a deal breaker for me

(Liam) #32

But only if you’re in a 4G area with a VoLTE enabled mast.

There’s something not right with their coverage checker. Supervoice/VoLTE cannot possibly offer a better signal than their base 4G area… it uses a (growing) subset of those actual cells.

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Does anyone remember the guy from the old community who founded this company


The signal extends into areas it normally wouldn’t. I’ve seen this many times myself where someone else with three has emergency calls only and I have 2 to 3 bars of signal and I can make a call without issue.

The difference is as unbelievable as their coverage checker shows. It still amazes me that my phone can say I’m never without signal and someone else with three can be without it most of the time.

(Liam) #35

What you are describing is not a result of Supervoice. It’s simply 4G reception on your phone.

VoLTE is a protocol for making voice calls over the data-only LTE network. If there isn’t an LTE signal there there isn’t VoLTE there.

4G/LTE uses multiple frequencies. It’s more likely that your phone has a radio capable of using a wider chunk of spectrum (or simply has a better antenna) than the ones near you that do not have a signal.

(Dave Alderton) #36

Another vote for three. Been with them for years no issues, cheap and fast 4g.


Three is great if you have an iPhone.

(James Cocker) #38

So much support for Three! I’m going to give HulloMail a go to see if it’s a decent Visual Voicemail alternative, and if so, may have to try Three for a few months on a monthly plan.

(sam) #39

Hullomail is really good. I’ve used it for 6-7 years now.


£11 for 4gb of data and some free international roaming on a 12 month contract (along with £45 cashback) is a tough deal to beat.