Mobile Phone Provider Recommendations


Am currently fairly happy with O2; I’m weirdly in a position that it’s a pound cheaper to be on pay as you go than the same plan on pay monthly!? (I’m on the £15 Big Bundle.)

Considering I also get 10% back on my top-ups, if I class the credit I’m awarded back every three months I’m actually £2.50 a month better off on pay as you go.

Signal has been very good; I was with iD before who were cheap, they were also p*ss poor signal wise with MASSIVE congestion issues. A simple call would sometimes take over thirty seconds to connect to a dial tone and I could barely even load simple webpages, so they had to go.

Overall I would definitely recommend O2; I’d also recommend checking out the pay as you go tariffs as well just in case they work out cheaper too.

(Manda) #82

I have an EE sim only 40GB for £20 a month. I pay an extra £2 a month for the faster speeds.

(Liam) #83

Yep, that’d be the underlying Three network.
I’d assume that as a virtual network its traffic would be prioritised lower than the host’s too?

I did consider iD, but their lack of tethering (at the time?) meant I didn’t consider them for long.


Indeed so, it was truly the worst network I’ve ever been on signal wise. Which is a shame as the customer service was pretty friendly, helpful and knew their stuff.

(Chicken Nuggets Are Bae) #85

If Three’s signal wasn’t so shit and their 4G was so slow I’d go back on this tariff


I’m now on EE £20 for 25GB and free Apple Music etc

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(Liam) #86

I don’t find the 4G slow… I just struggle to find it!! :unamused:

(Liam) #87

I think that is the first time anybody has ever said that about a Dixons Group company.

(Chicken Nuggets Are Bae) #88

It always showed that I had it, IF I actually had it was a different story.

Constant dead spots, no 4G at my place in Spain, poor data connectivity and so on.

EE is so much better


I find the 4G is slow. Like 2mb. I basically ride the Three 3G train and get up to 8/10 where I am. More than enough for browsing and streaming(assuming I’ve not downloaded)

(Dan Mullen) #90

I get on average 40Mbps down and 26Mbps up using Three for my home broadband connection. Much better than my old ADSL line.

Incidentally, I used 1.2TB in the last month. No issues with traffic management or throttling :+1:t2:

(Liam) #91

three words that don’t usually appear in a sentence alongside the word usable.
Tried it yesterday between Leeds and Derby. Gave up and made a wifi hotspot from my O2 work phone - unless I work for you… in which case I used the free wifi onboad the train.


Where I work not that long ago three updated the area to 4g and I get around 80mbps, faster than any other network. Where I live though I get about 3mbps but I use wifi so that doesn’t matter. Where I live is a town and where I work is more rural so maybe it’s congestion where I live.

I did notice when I was in Manchester city centre it was very bad, struggling to load a web page.


I wasn’t on a train just in case in appears I was :rofl:


Have been with 3 for a long time (2004). Recently upgraded my phone to 30gb a month, unlimited texts and calls for £30 a month (inc the phone).
Very useful abroad, worked very well in NZ and reasonably well in Sri Lanka. Very well in Germany as well.


How did you manage that one? Even with two discounts i’ve not got that :smile:

I’m with EE 25GB a month at £16 a month (sim only)

I like EE, full access to all their bands, and good coverage. Most of the other carriers don’t have great coverage here either so that does skew my results. EEs customer service has always been great as well, they resolved a silly eSIM issue i had very quick.

Also EE has eSIMs and the likes, if that’s something your phone supports.

oh, and the trick i use is to get a discount on one of there sales, and use my accounts for another 20% off.

(Neil) #96

Really surprised to hear people’s problems with Three’s signal.

My experience has been really good. I live in Manchester, often visit family in rural Devon and have been to both the Canaries (4G+!) and US (decent speed H) and can’t recall ever having had a signal issue, except slightly throttled roaming 4G in Australia a couple of years ago, but even that was manageable.

You can tell I like Feel At Home :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edit: on SIM only as bought a separate unlocked phone)


You’d be surprised. Three have improved a little here, but there are whole chunks of dead-zones all over the place.

I cant even get 3G here, my house is right in the middle of a deadzone for three.

But this is similar with most carriers, while ive found EE to be the best overall in most places ive visited, there 4g coverage is vast. My entire area for example has some level of 4g coverage from EE (though less 3g coverage) where three have miles of no coverage at all. Vodafones coverage is better but still has more dead-spots, and three is dead last.

But it is location dependant, there are areas for example where Vodafone has much better basic coverage up north.

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