Mode Banking App - Free £10 bonus after £100 deposit

I recently opened an account with Mode ( They are a Bitcoin focussed bank with apps on both iOS and Android.

The offer is for £10 when you make a £100 deposit and buy £100 of Bitcoin. I personally kept my bonus invested and in my opinion now is a particularly good time to do that with Bitcoin on a bit of dip. I’m fairly new to cryptocurrencies but enjoy that volatility, in moderation of course!

To get the reward, you simply have to register, verify, deposit £100 and use it to buy Bitcoin. You can immediately sell this and withdraw it. Both deposit and withdrawal happened on the same day for me. There will be a couple of pounds in fees but that is covered by the £10 reward which you can withdraw 24 hours later if you want.

They also have an interest paying account which is useful if you have existing Bitcoin funds that you would like to work harder.

I have tried a few of the crypto accounts but this is by far one of my favourites as it is a really professional app that feels a lot like a bank rather than an investment platform.

I would appreciate it if anyone uses my link:


:wink: you should have £20

Edit knew I had seen it before



Yes, they have really been pushing the platform and growing over the past few months which probably explains that graph.

I’m intrigued by this app but concerned by the app store reviews by people who have had their funds frozen.

It has a lower trading commission and more flexibility to transfer in and out than Revolut.

The interest paying account feature should come with a major risk warning as you have no recourse to get your Bitcoin back if something goes wrong once you have handed them over. Small return for high risk.

The shopping rewards feature seems highly unoriginal. Another provider that thinks open banking data will generate “deep behavioural insights” that will make them millions.

Overall, I would only use it as a trading platform for small amounts that won’t get frozen.

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I used the referral link so my £100 turned into ~£98 worth of BitCoin after buying.

After the £20 credited, Bitcoin had recovered so I had around ~£123-124 worth.

Selling that I had £122.17 back to GBP

My original plan was to transfer the BTC directly but the Blockchain fee is £18!

Anyway that £122.17 has been put into alt coins Now worth ~£200 mostly thanks to MATIC and it appearing on Coinbase tomorrow.

Anyone wants a Binance referral send me a PM :wink:


Yeah its cheaper than a lot but I still find 99p for every £100 a lot when you compare to 10p

I did enjoy the app, it feels like it’s just at the start of it’s journey.

If you are just wanting BTC and don’t want any fuss with thousands of other features then it’s ideal.

Well done! I am fairly new to cryptocurrency and hadn’t heard of MATIC although I have seen the plethora of alt coins. Some of them can be quite volatile!

P.S. Already on Binance or I would have taken you up.

I was lucky enough to watch a Lark Davis vid on it MATIC (Polygon) the other week.

Its spiking because it’s just being added to Coinbase Pro and Coinbase (tomorrow) which gives it a whole world of new exposure.

I expect it to go to a $1 :crossed_fingers:

I’ve just logged in to get some free ALICE from BNB. Looks like 4 days before that goes on Binance. Think Animal Crossing coming to Steam mixed with tokens.

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Does Binance take a margin on the price as well as a 0.1% fee? I’m struggling to compare platforms as the ones with low fees or no fees often quote worse prices.

There is no “margin on price” as its decentralised; it’s quite literally based on liquidity and a rough value

For instance there was one platform in Turkey who had BTC up for purchase for $500 above regular pricing that you’d see on a site like Binance as they had poor liquidity and needed more urgently

Bitcoin is about how much people are willing to pay and nothing more

What I don’t understand is why anybody is prepared to pay anything for a crypto currency. Is it in the speculation of an increasing price or is it the ability to elude surveillance?

Probably a bit of both. For me it is speculative. I think Bitcoin was originally used a lot for paying for things (e.g. on the dark web) but now it is mainly a store of value akin to gold.

There was an interesting podcast about it the other day:

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So how do the platforms without fees make money? One platform is currently quoting £40700 to buy and £38400 to sell so the seller only receives 94% of what the buyer sends. Isn’t the other 6% the platform’s margin? And won’t different platforms set different margins? If providers like Mode and Binance quote the same price to either buy or sell then great.

Really couldn’t tell you how they make money, but I’m guessing they add a margin as you’ve mentioned to their prices