Moderation feedback

Who on earth flags a post like this?


Don’t know. But I guess it isn’t the same as this situation.

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No, very different /s

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Given the topic title, I think the moderation has been excellent so far.

You can’t stop users flagging other users, and perhaps it’s wise to ignore the user, and look at the content.

Obviously that’s hard to do if you have to deal with online trolls, but ignoring them works best.

Many trolls have been and gone on this forum, and I’m sure many more will come and go.

But… as flagging is a user controlled thing, let’s only flag things that are genuinely “flaggable” - Which is likely to not be a lot. :grinning:


Agreed. (the title was Liam’s choice and not what I would’ve chosen.)

This I think was my point.


What happened? Did I miss some drama again? :pensive::joy:


Delicious, delicious drama :wink:


To be fair though, if somebody doesn’t like a bank / service = Why go on their community?

I don’t go on the Revolut or Curve community. It just doesn’t make sense at all.


Because you have an interest in fintech in general that isn’t shallow enough to blindly believe a single community? I look for the best thing for me. I don’t settle down if something turns to shit.

That’s your choice but I’d say you should venture into all the fintech forums you can, because then you have a wide view instead of tunnel vision where only your chosen community exists and every consensus there must be correct.

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It really doesn’t… It sounds like you’re about to cry in the other place because the Starling CoOps ain’t you best mates…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I go on the monzo community and there’s nothing you can do about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. This forum.


Can you specify a little more? The tl;dr here is we typically go on what product provides the best, not what people have an attachment towards.

No, how about it’s turned into a toxic cesspit because all the petty little Starling fanboys have to demean anybody who has anything positive to say about Monzo…

If you all hate Monzo so much, why go on their community and then complain about moderation, just because they won’t stand for any of your crap.

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Dunno about anyone else, but I’m beginning to tire of this tone. This used to be a friendly place. What happened?


None of the complaints here are justified. I’m not seeing what you are all seeing. I and others take part in discussions on the monzo forum and cause no issues. Not every topic on there is about monzo itself so there is nothing wrong with people from here being on that forum.


I don’t see this at all :thinking: I see Monzo fanatics coming to a forum purely to preach, and when people don’t agree with them they cry about being oppressed.

What part of an interest in fintech don’t you understand?

Yes because complaining about obviously bias moderation is our fault.

99% of posts on there are civil but sure

If you remove the Monzo discussions, which are emotional due to people’s feelings on the forum, rather than the actual Monzo product - You are left with decent conversations.

There are people here who just want to troll - They are obvious (and generally ardent Monzo supporters), and there are people who have probably made a name for themselves on the Monzo forum, and therefore this forum is tarnished with the same brush by association.

I think the overall tone is OK, and there are plenty of discussions which don’t just centre on Starling or Monzo (which is nice to see) - Just my perspective of course.

I’d absolutely agree with this if your main aim was to belittle the company in question.

The Monzo forum has a very wide range of discussions, and they generally welcome a lot of things being discussed that is not Monzo centric.

I’d say you should probably take your own advice on this one. If I felt I was participating in a “toxic cesspit”, I’d leave very quickly, and enjoy my days elsewhere :+1:


It is a real shame that you need to do that though. I’m as much anti-monzo as anyone else, but I feel there is too much anti-monzo Trolling going on here …

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I think we need to differentiate trolling and genuine criticism.

Calling me a neckbeard is trolling. Saying Monzo temporarily banned me but punished no one aside a troll account that was involved in an attack on a Monzo forum member with different opinions to the status quo, and due to this they’re showing obvious bias to people that disagree with their idealistic views, is criticism.

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