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Anyone have a Monese account? I’ve got one pending verification (says I have to phone them… :sleeping: which I haven’t got round to yet) but unsure if it’s even worth it - the EUR side of it seemed interesting to me though, which is why I think I signed up in the first place.

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I had a look a while back. I’m not too sure who would use this card?

The starter card is loaded with lots of fees for use and I can’t see the benefit of paying £4.95 or £14.95 for the other plans.

But would be interested to hear from others their thoughts as well.

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Plenty of fee free or cheaper options about. Unless you are desperate for the EUR side you might be better of just waiting for Starling or N26 etc.

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I’d say if you really want a Euro account go to KBC or wait and see what Starling offer

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Huh, never heard of them - they look interesting! Anything I should look out for? Just looking for an account where I can store EUR and receive EUR through an IBAN. I’d use Monzo but Monzo aren’t currently “fully connected” and my money has been lost in the IBAN world before with Nationwide.

Yes - definitely. Make sure you apply for the basic current account, which is free. The regular current account has a quartley charge. Otherwise KBC will do everything you need


I think @MIROW is the expert on Monese.

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Oh, thanks!

You must:

  • Currently not hold a Current Account with a bank in the Republic of Ireland


The account is provided free of charge for a period of 12 months, after 12 months have passed we will review your account and you may be moved to one of our other Current Account products if the following occurs:

  • Lodgements to the Basic Current Account over a period of 12 months must not exceed the national minimum hourly rate of pay multiplied by 2,080 (i.e. 40 hours x 52 weeks). If lodgements to the Basic Current Account exceed this limit we may at our absolute discretion change your Basic Current Account to the standard KBC Current Account to which the fees and charges as set out in the Fees and Charges Booklet will apply. Any such change will be notified to you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Interesting also

I’m UK based and won’t put much through it so I should be ok… :stuck_out_tongue:

Applying is simple. Call into any of our hubs around the country, where we can assist in opening an account and answer any queries you may have. You can also call us on 1800 51 52 53 .


I did the whole application online

Revolut also do EUR accounts that come with IBAN + they can be used for direct debits. It’s a Lloyds IBAN based in the UK.

Bunq actually do quite a nice account as well, if you’re willing to spend 7.99€ a month to maintain it, they give you a Maestro and a Mastercard. The free tier gives you no cards, but you can still recieve cash into it. It’s based in the Netherlands and as such the IBAN is an NL one.

Trying to think of others but Monese is the only one that comes to mind besides the aforementioned ones and N26, if you have residency in any of the other countries they operate in. I don’t think they’re going to launch € accounts in GB.

I’ve got a Revolut and bunq account. 7.99/m isn’t worth it for the amount I’m going to be receiving and using it, I guess Revolut could work but there’s something about Revolut I don’t trust…


Revolut is honestly pretty nice, I’d say their customer support is improving currently too. I’ll open a thread here if they ever lock my account or something though, since it wouldn’t surprise me if they do so soon, tbh. (I went from just having the card to topping up £150 PCM)

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Thanks Gallifreyangirl
I have been away on holiday so did not reply earlier

HI Tom/Tommy

I personally love my Monese account.

Exemplary customer service
A really well designed app that is easy to navigate
The ease of transferring money between your GBP and EUR accounts
Plus I like having a separate card for my Euro expenditure. I have tried Fire (an Irish neobank) and their intelligent card that can sense when to use your GBP or EUR balance, but prefer knowing with certainty it is definitely coming out of the right account.
The ability to pay in by PayPoint as well as Post Office and to be able to top up by card (plus usual Faster Payments, SEPA SCT, BACS Credit, and CHAPS deposits) makes it one of the most versatile accounts around.
Out of all the neobanks around at the moment it has the highest ratio of customers using it as their primary account for receipt of their salaries.
They have also now released business banking which may interest small businesses.

I also have a Bunq account (from the Netherlands) and that is a good app and the ability to have two PIN on one card so you can select to withdraw from a secondary account is a great feature. But the lack of GBP accounts means Monese tends to be my go to choice with their two currency offerings.

If you go down the Revolut route don’t pay for a card to be delivered.

If you can wait a few weeks they’ll pop up a notification with a “special offer” waiving the card delivery fee.

I only use my Revolut to move money from UK to EUR so I didn’t need a card but when they offered for free I thought “why not?”

Yup, had a Revolut account for a few years… had an old old mastercard prepaid (wirecard?) which expired recently and they’ve sent me a Visa Debit (?) now.

Make your mind up!

OK, finally phoned Monese and got my account open. I confirmed my details and he said “ok your account is now open”

I’ve sent £10 via bank transfer from Monzo -> Monese but it hasn’t arrived yet, weird. Ordered a UK card also, unsure if I want to spend another ~£5 to get a eurozone card.

I’ll let you know my experiences… Is Prepay Technologies LTD them?

Also, they seemed to put a double space between my second name and last name: FIRST_SECOND__LAST. Wonder if that appears on my card.

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Different types of payments will take a different amount of time to process.

  • Monese to Monese payments are instant.
  • Faster Payments Scheme (FPS) arrive on your account within approx half an hour
  • incoming BACS Credit payments will take 3 working days.
  • incoming CHAPS payments on the same day if made before 2pm UK time

Yes, that is the right sort code.

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Received my card today and it was uh, bent :frowning:

I do like the referral things they send you though.