Monese referral bonus £15 this month

Monese has just increased the bonus to £15 for this month. Free card as well, I believe

Get a £15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. Just use my code: JOHNS345. Download the Monese app here:

£15 ain’t worth it. Trust me. British residents should never get a Monese unless you want to be charged on almost everything you do, including depositing and withdrawing cash.

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It’s the best I’ve found as a “night out” card. Free bank transfers, card has always been reliable for me. I tend to use it for UK trips, where I want to keep a handle on my budget.

No good as your main account though! Agreed.

Even as a night out card it’s rubbish. Get a Cashplus prepaid card instead, one-off fee of £5 for the card, or even Revolut.

On this price scale?

What does it offer that would justify paying for a card compared to Monese giving you a free card and £15?

The FlexPlus that has no monthly free charges £0.99 per purchase. That’s crazy.

Revolut would be a good alternative, but I actually use the account occasionally for FX, so no good as a card to burn.

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Debit card top up charges have also been removed

They need to update the wording though…

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This seems to be more or less permanent now.

Further enhanced referral programme

Bigger possible reward, but referree has to use the card quite a bit first