Monese RON accounts

I’m not sure you guys got this, but seems Monese is close to release RON accounts. I wonder if they’re full local RON accounts or just UK based IBANs.

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I’m expecting RON IBAN’s, followed by Poland starts

I’m I correct in that it looks like they have separate cards for separate currency accounts?

I like how polished Monese is but I have no use for them at the moment, I worry there unnoticeable with the competition out there. Though perhaps there aiming at other markets in Europe. It’s interesting that they got a deal with ba/avios

Perfect, Is that because Revolut already offers local accounts in Poland?

Well, if anybody wants to sign up for a Monese account and get a £15 welcome gift here’s a referral link:

Seems they already added details in ToS about Monese RON accounts. They accept Transfond - the local automated clearing house :star_struck: