Money dashboard giving out shares


I got an email about this the other day. Just giving you 10 shares but you can get more through referrals.


Has this already happened or do I have time to sign up?


I got the email yesterday so I think the only way to do it now without an account is through a referral. If you are referred that person gets 10 and so do you.

(George Flather) #4

Thanks - 1 referral coming your way :slight_smile:

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So today they send

As one of the 200,000+ people using our app, you’ll know first-hand how it can help you master your money .

We’re gearing up to take Money Dashboard to the next level and reach millions of people across the UK. Since you’ve supported us from the start, we’d like to offer you a meaningful stake in our future by becoming a Money Dashboard investor .

To register your interest in our equity crowdfund*, take our 1 minute survey today. We will reserve you priority access to our funding round and you’ll be first to receive news and updates about this exciting opportunity.


Interesting update. Considering the how much Revolut has been in the news and some of that has been around issues with its compliance.

Since you registered for early access to our upcoming crowdfund, we wanted to share some very exciting news with you. As covered in this week’s Insider, we’re delighted to welcome the newest addition to our senior leadership team: Peter O’Higgins .

Peter has been a longstanding user of Money Dashboard and comes to us following his time as CFO of Revolut to oversee our finance and operations as we enter this next phase of growth.

I’m still going to invest, as personally I find the Revolut nonsense, nonsense.