Monopoly Cashless Edition (Monopoly Voice Banking)

I saw this on my Amazon feed as a recommendation; read a few articles and as a MASSIVE fan of Monopoly thought, “Hey why the hell not!?” I keep saying things would be better cashless so why should one of my favourite board games be and different!?

I’ve bought a copy fairly cheaply (about the same cost as a regular/traditional board) that I hope to pick up and play with the parents tomorrow; if anyone’s interested I’ll write up a mini review.

I guess being that the main niche is that it’s cashless it may interest you guys/gals?


Sounds a bit of a mental idea, Monopoly with an Alexa :joy:. I’m interested in hearing some feedback about it.

They’ve done cashless before with cards haven’t they?

Wonder how good/bad the voice recognition is.


Can 100% do that, it’s piqued my curiosity myself quite a bit.

I think so? Swiping a card each turn sounds like a massive pain in the…

I think if it’s good it’ll be fine; asking how much you have in the bank and not having to count out cash / work out the change I think is a massive plus.

What’s really nice is my father can’t go and add extra money for himself when no one is looking too :angry:


Just like in the real world - cashless keeps people honest!


I’ve got a debit card version of monopoly, would happily swap it for the paper money version

I’m assuming you have to swipe the card on each turn is what has you saying that?

I quite like the voice version, only issue is that if you want to go away and continue the game later I’m not sure you can yet?

I’ve found so far that it picks up voices well and the commands are easy to remember.

Each transaction. Tap in the amount. Wait for lots of noises to happen etc

Sounds like a nightmare to play.

You want excitement???

I’ll give you excitement :angry:

‘Nuff said? :thinking:


Each time you pay money into the bank, do you have to pay ”a fair and transparent fee” and convince the newsagent they can take the payment?

Can you only withdraw up to £200 a month without incurring fees unless you buy a blue debit card on subscription?


they are not serious? I guess setting the tone for a cashless society…

I think mostly the version I have markets itself as voice controlled, instead of cashless but it is, the only paper being the property cards themselves.

I find it very easy to play and the commands are natural and easy to pick up.

They might as well do the money in crypto then?

Who knows what currency Monopoly dollars are really based on? :wink::rofl:

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In very old Monopoly it actually was pounds, with the proper £ symbol. My grandparents still have an old 1960s or 70s set with pounds on.

More recently, it was changed to the Monopoly M symbol - I always assumed this was so Hasbro could just produce one version of the “Monopoly Money” for use around the world.

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