Monzo 40% Drop in Valuation

To be fair, hasn’t a lot of the financial sector dropped. Virgin money is down 60%

Two very different organisations, virgin have a lot of credit customers who are expected to go into arrears because of the virus and also because the interest rate is low a lot of their savings customers are moving cash into stocks or accounts elsewhere. So it’s hit them hard, Monzo on the other hand aren’t a big lender or savings provider. They were massively overvalued. I feel sorry for the ones that used their overdrafts to buy shares.


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True, but I think most banks are down quite a bit. I agree though Monzo was overvalued.

They were lucky to close that funding round before the pandemic hit. I know the article mentions some companies related to travel but I wonder who else they might try and acquire.

May be the case where they buy a banking licence.

They’ve been talking about applying for one since 2018 but I assume there’s been little traction (from the regulator).

Global? Digital bank?

Who does that sound like?

I was wondering about that. I guess I just assumed $500m wasn’t enough. Then again Tandem did it.

Could see Revolut buying a UK banking license at some point.

In the context of this thread, I’m assuming you mean making an offer for Monzo?

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Someone proposed it earlier in the thread I believe, but honestly I can’t remember. Yes if Monzo is going to the toilet I could see them acquiring it and running it as a brand while utilising the banking license though :slight_smile:

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