Monzo adverts by push notifications

Anybody else had a slew of adverts for Monzo Plus by push notification over the last week or so?

First one was pushing a ‘shiny metal Monzo card’ - (they clearly know their audience!). I’ve forgotten what the one a couple of days ago was, and today’s was pushing the budgeting tools.

They seem to be sent under the notification category of ‘important’, judging by the notification setting page on Android.


Yes, it’s very annoying. That plus the ads in the app as well. I have no interest in subscribing to a premium bank account.

I’ve started looking for a different account actually. The only feature that really keeps me on Monzo is the “pay bills from pots” feature. Does any other bank offer something like this? Seems like Starling has pots, but you can’t pay a bill from them.


Yup I’ve also received the notifications for Plus, even today.

Also others throughout the week :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t received any (yet?) and I’m on iOS too.

It’s possibly something to do with me being on the Testflight version of the Monzo app, either that or it’s another A/B test to see how people react (or don’t).

I have to say, to be blunt, that this seems really spammy and definitely puts me off Monzo as a company. These are not “useful” to the user at all, and most people wouldn’t expect advertising to be pushed at them via notifications.

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None in my android app yet, other than in feed.

Revolut’s been doing this for a while now, but they’ve got an option to switch certain types of notification off

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Please don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not meant by me to come across as obtuse or anything. I just don’t get what all this fascination and fuss is about paying bills from ‘pots’.

What I’m trying to say is, what is wrong with just paying something out of your main account on direct debit or SO or whatever? I don’t use anything like pots, indeed, I don’t even understand how they work. I guess I’m just a bit old fashioned and manage my money in different ways.

I just get the feeling that 'spaces or ‘pots’ or whatever else they’re called, are just all gimmicks. Why can’t folks seem to manage their money without being spoon fed different ways of doing stuff?


No offence taken.

When I get paid, I transfer however much I need for rent + bills (utilities, phone, transport etc) to a ‘Bills’ pot, and all the DDs come out of there.

When I buy something on a credit card, I set aside the amount in a ‘Credit Card’ pot, and my credit card bill is set to pay out of there.

I’m also putting some money aside for some medical expenses (orthodontics), so I have a pot for that.

This leaves me with everything in my current account available as ‘free to spend’ money. I can just check my balance to see what I can spend, no need to remember whether or not the council tax has come out or is still due, etc. This is doubly helpful for me as my pay day changes each month (paid 4-weekly).

I could live without it, it’s just much easier and faster, and suits the way I think about budgeting. It’s the digital equivalent to putting the money for bills & expenses in a different envelope to the cash you can spend on food/clothes/pub/etc.


Monzo do seem to split their notifications into categories. But they label these spammy adverts as ‘important’.

Monzo didn’t previously send many notifications, so I suppose I could switch this category off.

But then I suppose I risk missing something ‘important’!


I think it would annoy me severely if Starling started those sort of antics. I’m not a Monzo customer nor shall or will I ever be, but if I were, I’d be pretty unhappy about it, unless of course there is a way to disable completely those types of adverts.

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I suppose I do actually use a ‘pot’ if you like, in respect of the fact that my Wife and I have a joint Nationwide account that we both transfer a set amount to every month by way of S/O and that is used solely for paying bills, not personal spending of any kind. We both have a Starling account for private spending and I also have a RBS account totally for work purposes.


Revolut allow you to assign direct debits and standing orders to be taken from “pockets”. You create one or more pockets which you fund (manually or on a schedule) from your main balance, and you can assign one or more to DD/SO to be debited from these pockets. Where the pocket contains insufficient cash an attempt will be made to be debit it from your main balance instead.

You cannot assign card transactions to a pocket, even recurring ones. But you can fund and withdraw from a pocket instantly.

They also offer “vaults”, which are similar but more saving-orientated. Transactions cannot be assigned to a vault. You can just move money between your vault and your main balance.

Of course this is only any good if you’re happy to use Revolut as a bank account. I have been doing so since June, and very successfully too.

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Worth pointing out that Rev are also a bit needy with the push notifications.

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True, but a reasonable degree of granularity in opt-outs is available.

This is especially important on iOS, where there is no such thing as the notification categories you have shown on Android (so once you turn notifications on, you get all the notifications sent by that app).

So last week it was the push notifications, this week it’s promotional emails for the self-same thing.

There’s a fine line between an aggressive marketing campaign and desperation.

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I love how it shows a NatWest and a Lloyds account card; both which I know offer seeing all your accounts in app, (including Monzo, in NatWest, unsure of Lloyds) FOR FREE already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried to switch it off in settings ?

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To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t remember ever having switched them off. But it seems at some point I did…

I don’t remember ever using that screen before, and I promise I did not switch it off just now.

(Lending promotions is now also off, but I did just do that!)


There does seem to be an A/B testing of these promotions as they seem to vary between customers.

I have the card to the left of the carousel on display, and the occasional feed advert, but no push notifications.

I have the basic account.

I have all the toggles enabled and see no ads at all, anywhere. The only thing I see is the “Upgrade account” button on the profile screen