Monzo Analysis

New Monzo analysis out…

Xinja? Never heard of it. Less woke and no emoji?

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An Aussie fintech bank.

I can’t see how you can compare them?

They compared financial model…

“Xinja did not prioritize early on, trying to create a sustainable future with revenue-generating products, and it was too late when it finally dawned that it needed personal loans and wealth services instead,”

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It might sound silly or shallow to some, but the awkward name “Xinja” probably didn’t help them.

(The irony with my username)

I mean, at least I know how to pronounce fartpipe.

I doubt you’d be able to build much of a business if you stuck it on a debit card, though.

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But is that how it’s pronounced…? :thinking:

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It’s pronounced “farret pee-pay”.

Going wildly off topic here, but I once knew someone who asserted that their surname - Shufflebottom - was pronounced “Shoe-flay-botham”.