Monzo Customer service response times

Looks like they are going full circle again:

(Just one out of many complaints, by the looks of it.)

They really need to get a grip on this…


Indeed, especially as the TV adverts state help is available 24/7; currently I could call my legacy bank and be answered within minutes or message Monzo and be replied to in hours.


Revolut has limped along with lacklustre support from the start, so Monzo will probably get away with it again on the “we’re growing so fast” excuse…

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The difference is that revolut was (and still is) quite unique in the market. Monzo is a below average bank, and those are a dime a dozen.

(might still happen, though, I agree. But they are more at risk of suffering from this than revolut, I think)

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So customers will either wake up and see through the excuses and start demanding a better service, or they will be so in love with the product that poor customer service will just become ‘normal’ and accepted.

Ah, my bad. Obv all is well in monzo land. Just an unfortunate week…

I especially like this bit:

If you do require immediate support, please remember to mark your message as urgent. Wait times for urgent conversations are currently roughly ten minutes.

The problem with that statement is that it’s all very well telling the customer to mark their issue as ‘urgent’ if that is what the customer thinks their problem is, but what the customer deems as ‘urgent’ might be completely different to what Monzo’s Customer Services evaluate the issue. Therefore ‘roughly ten minutes’ is exactly that, a rough estimate. The proof will be in the number of customers who go back to complain on the Monzo thread stating they had an urgent issue and it took xxxxx minutes or hours to be dealt with.

Or perhaps I’m just a cynical old git.

There’s definitely issues. You’ve probably seen my comment on that Monzo thread. I waited a week for a resolution to a simple issue, pleased to say they’ve sorted it in the past hour. You hit ‘not urgent’ in good faith (unless it really is of an urgent nature), that doesn’t mean I expect to be waiting a week for a resolution.

They knew they were doing a marketing campaign, it seems a bit of a cop-out to use that as a potential excuse.


I tried asking this question at the advert reveal event… I hate to say it but I may have partly called it?

it does feel like the Dozens thing of ‘why on earth would you do a huge ad campaign if youve not got more staff than you could ever possibly need to ensure new customers see A+ CS whether themselves or other customers?’. Had Dozens launched to us who knew of its existence, scaled up THEN done a big public launch i think they’d have had much less griping from people about waitlist times, lack of features/products etc, but they’re brand new and still finding their feet so are bound to make these mistakes, the more I see of Monzo the clearer it becomes that they’re not this plucky startup making bad decisions, they’re actively making these choices knowing what the results will be, in this case poor service to existing customers, and whatever they may say are perfectly happy for that to happen as long as they achieve the ultimate goal of more signups.


The very fact that they need this toggle is a sign of their problem. You should just respond to everything within minutes, if you advertise a “chat” feature.

And with banking in my opinion “not urgent” = 24 h delay, at most. For urgent requests in banking even 10 min seems too much!

I fully agree. Once is startup difficulties. twice is incompetence. But with this persistent pattern, its very difficult indeed to see this as anything else than intentional…

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Exactly this; I also prefer to talk too. I dislike live chat as a medium, even if the person is there chatting in real time.

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Monzo isn’t for you then. Or starling. Or revolut. Or WhatsApp. Lol

Had a minor sign up issue with Monzo. Contacted support. No sure of the exact time. I do know they replied the next DAY! Pretty terrible and that was the apogee of my extremely short lived monzo experience! It was downhill from there…


Guys it’s 24/7 the best you can get, we should be happy we get 24/7 most banks do not offer this wonderful service.


That should be changed to
"Not into a chat? Our chat not working? Our operators can’t be bothered to chat with you?, why not call us, email us, tweet us, facebook us. If you try all methods of communication once should stick eventually"

Failing that they could try subscribing to WUPHF (any Office fans out there). For non office fans out there when someone sends you a WUPH (pronounced Woof!) it sends you a message by text, phone, fax, printer, email and all social media networks

This is ridiculous though… say what you will about so called legacy banks but if you cannot get hold of the financial instutuion that holds your money easily and reliably they should shouldn’t be allowed to operate.


Really? Bizarre. Exactly how RBS does it.

Also, I had a change of name query, couple of years ago, and FD told me to take passport into HSBC so they could verify for them.

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Shame they never offered that to me at the time; I’m pretty happy with my mix of Barclays and Amex to change anything even if they would do this for me now.

As already mentioned, when you can call your highstreet bank/building society and speak to somebody within a matter of minutes, how are Monzo the bank of the future, when you’re lucky if your issue is sorted within a week?