Monzo Data Retention

You may remember some time ago I was moaning about monzo sending me advert emails even though they had previously claimed to have deleted all my data.
Finally had a response. Seems they didn’t have a way of deleting the data and instead should have put it out of reach, which they forgot to do.


This reminds me of their PIN storage issue. I think they really need to look more carefully into their processes regarding the processing and storage of personal data and, if it is not technically possible to remove data where that has been requested, overhaul their systems so that it is possible.

The ICO may find putting it “beyond use” adequate but it is not a good look PR wise and, frankly, shows a disregard for privacy since they have built their own systems from the ground up and really ought to have built them in a way which allows this.

Banks running more complicated systems with legacy components may struggle more, and of course that is understandable, but a new bank should be privacy-first in my opinion.

I’m pleased to see your complaint was upheld!

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Up to a point, certain financial data has to be kept and can’t be discarded for several years.

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You do have a point here, and for that sort of data obviously beyond use is the answer, but Monzo actually admitted here that @supersam had never completed his application and so they had no regulatory need to keep his data.

Therefore, they ought to have 1) been able to delete it and 2) deleted it

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And not use it for matketing! It genuinely seems they never expected anyone to close an account so have not contemplated the procedures needed.

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Ah, my bad… Unless they have to keep the failed/incomplete application on file then removing it should have been no issue.

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ie. When I got the badge for a current account switch unlock for CASSing out of Monzo. :rofl: #FullMonzo LOL

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Yeah, the use for marketing is just a further kick in the teeth really!

Reading the response from them, it does sound a bit like they did it out of incompetence and not deliberately, but it is still poor.

I suppose these sorts of edge cases fall through the cracks when they apply startup culture to banking and a “move fast and break things” philosophy becomes a “MVP and finish it off when we can” philosophy.

Of course, with fewer customers than the big banks these sorts of requests must be more unusual, but they still must be prepared for them!

I can’t believe this! :rofl:

I wonder if you have that badge automatically if you open a sole (and only) account, CASS out, and then open a new sole account again?

In theory, if they have the badge on your customer profile, and they never delete it, you might be able to have a brand new account with that tick pre-filled.

I’ve no idea!? I’d assume so as when I re-opened my account after the prepaid days all my payment data was there?

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They fixed that on Tuesday, so you missed your chance