Monzo for Android: change log

Version: 2.25.1

Version: 2.26.1

Just regulation bug fixes and tidy-ups this time. Speaking of bugs, did you know there are over a million ants for every human on earth? First start-up to service that demographic is going to clean up.

Version 2.27.0 (Beta)

After the latest update, it seems like the fingerprint unlock feature was turned off automatically? Did anyone else get this behaviour?

Yep app opens without the need for fingerprint, if your phone is unlocked.

Well that’s a bit naughty!

I’ve just seen this on the Monzo forum. Seems like its been affecting people since mid Feb?!

It’s only just happened to me though after this last update.

I like it, so never mentioned it before lol

v 3.33.0
19 May, 2020

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