Monzo launch 'No Barriers to Banking' Campaign


I try to keep DD’s to an absolute minimum where possible. I pay my credit card statements usually within minutes of notification via Starling. Paypal, again, most purchases via debit card. I even pay my water bill in full immediately when the bill comes in. I just find it easier to manage my money that way. I guess my life is just less complicated perhaps than others.


You’re right, time to leave!

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Surely to have no barriers to banking they will need to partner with somewhere you can go in and open an account?
Isn’t the fact you need a phone and an app a barrier itself?


I have a feeling its not going to plan so far :laughing:

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Oh dear. I think I’ll add my barrier to banking to their list :expressionless:


I don’t have the time to write down the 32 barriers to banking with Monzo, but I shall read the post and laugh as people keep pointing them out.


Don’t laugh too much though: it’s only a question of time until we are enlightened about how monzo isn’t actually having any barriers at all, but merely changing things for the better.

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For an open, honest and transparent small fee.


I love that thread! Ironic as to how more and more are actually seeing Monzo as a barrier themselves to banking.


We are getting there. Jordan to the rescue. Go on, mighty warrior! I’m rooting for you!

Edit: There’s the t-word. Well done, Jordan!

[Sorry, guys. It’s just my first day in three days that I can live with a reduced dose of codeine, so I’m feeling pretty euphoric…]


Stuff like this really annoys me. It’s socialist ideology at its finest, no bank is under any obligation to accept every customer!

High street banks also have basic accounts for those with poor credit and bankrupts who get rejected for the standard accounts.

If Monzo was actually a bit more strict with their verification procedures, there wouldn’t be so many ‘MONZO FROZE MY ACCOUNT’ posts on trustpilot!

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Seems the thread has taken a dive… :no_mouth:


So, this has been out for a while now.

What are people’s views?

  • Do you believe in the No Barriers to Banking campaign?


No. People are unbanked for a reason :slight_smile:

On top of that the people running the campaign have more barriers than other account providers.


I don’t think wanting to help people is a bad thing at all. It’s just how practical it is, that is my concern.


Pointless campaign still, we have no barriers to banking in the UK, even someone bankrupt can get an account with a high street bank account, even someone homeless can get an account with a high street bank,

It’s pure fluff from Monzo to imply they are offering something better, when they are not. They have more barriers to banking than traditional banks.

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Which is why despite having a Monzo account I can’ t/won’t use them for a number of things. I pointed this out in the relevant thread on their own forum.

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I’ve always maintained that the requirement of access to a smart phone is the biggest barrier to Monzo.

No high street bank “requires” that kind of investment to open a bank account.

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Bet that went down well…

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Well, the thread kind of died and nobody from Monzo commented. I think it quickly became obvious that there were more barriers with Monzo and not fewer as they like to promote.

I say this as an investor in Monzo so I’m hoping they’ll make changes eventually because at the moment what they say and what they do aren’t necessarily always in sync with each other.