Monzo launch 'No Barriers to Banking' Campaign


How would you propose that the bank meets their KYC obligations without a visit, without any form of proof of their address through utility bills, with a lack of English and no ID.


What you seem to think is a requirement and what is a requirement are two different things. There are hundreds of ways to abide by the Know Your Customer requirements and none of them involve a photo ID or a visit in person. It’s a myth it does, and I don’t know why people are so determined that is a requirement.

If you have no proof of address, no utility bills or no ID, then a letter from the DWP, a homeless shelter, an immigration office, a police station and so on are all legally acceptable.

I can give you many many more examples of what is legally acceptable under the Know Your Customer rules.

This isn’t about that, this is about the Monzo campaign though, and the fact they have corrected the statement made as I proved it was incorrect is ok with me. Miss information in banking from a bank is a bad thing, the fact Naji corrected his post is a good thing.

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Yeah, it’s good. It’s a shame that are (or at least were) still spreading this though. I put this to them multiple times in the past, and at least until this morning they were still spreading this. Curious to see what’s gonna happen next time …

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I opened nationwide and first direct recently with no need to visit and no need to show id


I appreciate the sarcasm. I’m perfectly aware of what this forum is all about. The point I was trying to make was, there are people who appear to take things to a different level to some of us. I just personally couldn’t think of any reason at all why I would want to have that many accounts. Each to their own though. I’m fully into the whole mobile banking app scene, after all, I do have a Starling account and I think it’s fantastic.

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It wasn’t really sarcasm as such, just a statement of the reality of the situation. :man_shrugging: :rofl:


I retract my statement about Monese, their signup can be an awful experience.


We’ll have to agree to disagree, not meant or otherwise, it was the most obvious form of sarcasm there is.

Anyway, life is too short for such trivialities. Let’s just move on :wink:

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Ohhhh, do you mean yours was sarcasm? Sorry, i didn’t realise that you were being sarcastic which was why i replied that on a fintech forum its not a surprise people have an obsession, healthy or otherwise, with banking and like to try out many different fintech products. Gotcha. :+1: The difficulties of interpreting tone in text eh? :see_no_evil:

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No high street banks says they will only accept a Passport or Driving Licence to open an account. Therefore the likes of Monzo are actually putting up barriers that high street banks don’t have in place.


RBS recently made it clearer what ID is acceptable and I must admit, its a good change.

So it’s sort of blown Monzo’s No Barriers out the window.

Be interesting to see if Monzo makes some changes to it’s campaign.

RBS also accept Documents not shown on its public pages, but you can take into a branch.

I’m actually not mocking Monzo at all, but it’s not as inclusive as it makes out as can be seen be the RBS changes.


I try to keep DD’s to an absolute minimum where possible. I pay my credit card statements usually within minutes of notification via Starling. Paypal, again, most purchases via debit card. I even pay my water bill in full immediately when the bill comes in. I just find it easier to manage my money that way. I guess my life is just less complicated perhaps than others.


You’re right, time to leave!

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Surely to have no barriers to banking they will need to partner with somewhere you can go in and open an account?
Isn’t the fact you need a phone and an app a barrier itself?

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I have a feeling its not going to plan so far :laughing:

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Oh dear. I think I’ll add my barrier to banking to their list :expressionless:


I don’t have the time to write down the 32 barriers to banking with Monzo, but I shall read the post and laugh as people keep pointing them out.

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Don’t laugh too much though: it’s only a question of time until we are enlightened about how monzo isn’t actually having any barriers at all, but merely changing things for the better.

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For an open, honest and transparent small fee.


I love that thread! Ironic as to how more and more are actually seeing Monzo as a barrier themselves to banking.

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