Monzo Pay from pots

For those of the Hot Coral persuasion… (Android anyway…)

I still think it’s an ugly implementation (also said this on loads of Monzo threads in the past)


Eurgh!! I really want this feature so much!!

I just don’t think I want it from Monzo. A lot of what they do/have done puts me off.

Typical! :roll_eyes:

I hope this pushes others to do catch on with this option.

Good for Monzo for spotting something a lot of people wanted and implementing it though. :+1:

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I get the impression it’s coming to starling.

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I can definitely see the appeal of this feature, but I can’t help but feel most people already use a similar setup in the form of multiple bank accounts - one for spending and one for bills. I personally just use a single account, all of my bills come out along with my spending and whatever is left at the end of the month (generally £400-£500) I’ll move into a goal (or pot).

I can’t see how I’d fit this feature into my life even if I wanted to.


Not sure ‘most people’ is correct, but I do indeed have multiple bank accounts including an account I use exclusively for regular bills. A portion of my salary goes to that account each month and it pays cashback on several of the direct debits that go out.

If it wasn’t for the cashback I’d get rid of it and use this Monzo Pay from Pots feature instead.

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So before I would have said this seems like a good idea in general. And I think it has its place. But i’m questioning this type of method (which i had in mind before) over simply properly budgeting your money (having been using ynab for a week now the need to separate my money physically is basically gone with the exception of savings. its already logically separated by budget.)

I can see its use, and probably some other use cases, but now i wonder if this is really a good idea overall.

Do you mean you think putting money aside for a future expense is a worse method than what you are doing with YNAB, or just not any better?

If the former, what do you think makes the YNAB method better? You may need to explain it a bit because I’m not familiar.

That’s essentially what i’m doing already. I mean more that having a physically separate pot/account for that money is something i’m quickly not seeing the need for (not personally anyway).

Since I’ve already budgeted the money, albeit tracked elsewhere, that money already is sidelined for a bill for example. So putting it in a different pot or account doesn’t make a difference for me.

So for example. I could make a new pot for a bill and have the money put in that every month to pay the bill. Or i can budget the money i have for that bill via a tracked budget (could be ynab or anything else, a spreadsheet if you wanted). But since its budgeted and i’m now managing my money via a budget and not via my bank account, the need to physically separate money for day to day spending and bills is basically gone.

That’s not to say there wont be good purposes for that kind of bill pot functionality, but i think its less ideal. It makes sense for people who aren’t budgeting their money and need to physically remove money so they don’t accidentally spend it. Which is what i could easily do before.

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I think the detailed/full budget approach advocated by YNAB is far less likely to be used by most people than a simpler move regular expense money to one side.

Because of this and my assumption that most people don’t like having multiple bank accounts, I think this Pay from Pots feature has a chance of having quite an impact.


I think this is a pretty great feature from Monzo. It introduces people to envelope budgeting, and I’m sure a lot of people won’t have had a second account to do something like this before.


It’s definitely a step forward. I don’t think its a bad idea, i just don’t think its a great idea in the long run, and i’m quickly finding that for me at least this idea which i have used before is possibly entirely pointless now that i’m budgeting all my money and not just some of it.

I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages, ever since they initially teased it.

I do this manually at the moment by having a Bills Pot and then manually moving the money out with scheduled payments the day each payment goes out.

Shame it’s only for DDs and eventually SOs. Would like to see it for Debit Card transactions where you’ve set the Recurring flag

They mention on the Monzo forum that this is something they will look into in the future

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I really hope Starling implementing something like this soon. It would be hugely helpful. Manually moving money between pots etc. Is fine but automating that would be great.

The pingit approach that starts with each pot getting an account number is just so much more sensible and versatile. bunq too

Chief Monzo critiquer here to say it’s a good feature and I can’t wait until Starling introduces it :ok_hand: I’d much prefer to push all my money into goals on day 1 then know I don’t have to worry about anything :slight_smile:


What makes you think starling will introduce it. Would love it if they did.

They said it was “coming soon”… :sunglasses:

(in October 2017… :neutral_face:)

:soon: :joy:


Never really saw the point of this one

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@ItsPaul @anon2878274 I tweeted Starling in April to check if similar was coming and they said they had no plans. They literally said in that Oct 2017 blog post that @ItsPaul mentioned:

“You’ll soon be able to share Goals with groups of friends to save together for something like a birthday present, make payments directly from a Goal, or set up Direct Debits against them too so you can manage your household bills.” -

Yet another Starling overpromise and underdeliver :man_shrugging:t2: