Monzo phone support

Very timely…

I only get the automated message, before the system hangs up on me.


Was just reading that. They just don’t seem to care about the phone line. Why offer it if you’re just going to ignore it?

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When a legacy bank can answer the phone within minutes and help and a new “challenger” brand cannot it asks the question of how are they challenging?

All this talk of the chat simply breaking or messages fading into the either raises concerns over how fit for purpose the new in-house system is.

I like the knowledge that I can call my bank at anytime and get help; Monzo may quote 24/7 but it takes ages to get a reply and when you do most cases have to wait/be refereed to a specialist that are only around in office hours.

Pingit at this stage even have a truly 24/7 helpline!


My experience is that First Direct answers within a couple of rings (sometimes they’ve answered before you’ve heard a ring).

My experience with RBS is very almost as good. Tend to answer very quickly.

I couldn’t join as I’m not (in my words) “high class” enough for them, not knowing a quantity surveyor or the like to sign off on my photocopied proof of ID documents. :rofl:

I did ask why HSBC staff couldn’t copy my documents and sign off on them; I mean it’s the same overall organisation and you can pay money and cheques in there to be told… nope, can’t do that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Barclays are pretty good, the tech side is really good, especially with Pingit and the new stuff that’s been happening with that.

I believe Mastercard requires them to print a 24 h phone number on the card.

Somewhat surprised that a 24 h prerecorded message is acceptable though…


Based on reading complains on here and other forums about both, to be fair, Starling and Monzo I have also began to look at ‘legacy’ offerings too, it’s worrying that when something goes horribly wrong you could be hanging on for days on end to get the help you need from either of these banks.

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Proper phone support is the thing I wish they would add/improve above anything else. I’d also like them to revert the chat system back to thread-based design, but if I had to make a choice I’d rather have phone support.