Monzo protest websites


Ooooo… I’ll have my lawyers on standby :wink:

(What the Fork Dude?) #181

Sorry but…

We live in an age of instant gratification and this is all taking way too long…

I’d suggest you just post your entire story in a new thread instead of messing around with coding a website and let us all be the judge of what’s going on

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(Omar Rana) #183

The Monzo Forum thread

When is the Monzo website coming?

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I’m waiting for the animation to be completed.

Fraudulent transactions, after account suspension
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Where has this gone??

(What the Fork Dude?) #188

Fairly certain he got a cease and desist re: the domain from their lawyers regarding the domain name.


Maybe Monzo finally took the site down. Looks like he transferred it back.

(Omarchh March) #189

I just spoke to the Author, he said something about how he has changed his mind and decided to criticise all those people who objected to his story instead on the web page, something about a non censored forum…:open_mouth:

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Welcome back Omar :wink:

( #191

Don’t you mean Omar…chh?


How do you apply for a restraining order? :scream:


Quick, somone register

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depends really… I’ve clocked at least 5 different usernames on the other place since Sunday

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Something to look forward to, I guess… :woozy_face:


I also look forward to having my teeth pulled and watching paint dry!

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Has anyone had Pizza Hut lately?

I wanted a Deep Pan pizza but instead a crappy classic base got delivered (yes I complained). The base was hard and they had some gross green type powder topping on the edges and as for the chicken wings :rage:

Anyways worst pizza ever!!


Nani kore?

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