Monzo service failure explanation

I totally agree, I’m often out in a Saturday morning or Sunday morning early so it’s so annoying cards being down.

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My days of carrying on well into the next morning are long gone and trust me, you’re talking to a past expert on that one having once upon a time fairly regularly finished work at 12 noon on a Friday, out on the lash until 6am on Saturday morning, quick taxi home, shower, shave, start work at 8am, work until midday and then do it all again. Been there and done it and I’m so glad I’m now too old.

But going back to the basics, where ever I go in this world, I still carry two debit cards, a credit card and sometimes a bit of local currency just in case of any unforseen outages, planned or otherwise. And top tip, never, ever complain about a bill in Japan else you might end up needing more than a debit or credit card to settle it.

Explain, explain ! :grinning:

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I’ve been to Japan a number of time myself and I’ve never actually had any issues, but some people do, usually because they’re ill prepared for the cost of meals, drinks etc when the bill arrives.

There’s a reason why Governments give out travel advice, whether as a tourist or business visitor you choose to adhere to it or ignore it at your leisure, is obviously in the gift of the traveller. I tend to follow the advice:

Anyway, I’ve now gone totally off topic for which I apologise.

This is a difficult one though. As someone who is responsible for deployments at my company, I acknowledge that ideally we’d deploy at night. Yet, I’m incredibly grateful that my company has the view that they are happy to take the risk of deploying during the day and not make us work at night. Especially since we are deploying once or twice a week, and are a pretty small team.

I get what you are saying, but I also get that in the end the people doing the deployment are also humans with families and all that. And a balance needs to be struck. It’s definitely a tough call…


Formally 30 years in the service of Queen and Country, I know about not having much of a family life. I still work but now doing solely a day job and my health is much better for it! That being said, I can still crack out the odd night shift if needed/required.

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There’s absolutely no need to only schedule deployments at night but when making infrastructure changes such as in this instance, I think it would be a lot more prudent to do so.


Claims management companies are already touting for business on the back of this event.

Who. Wrote that. Article. It is extremely. Difficult to read. Surely not someone. With actual legal. Training

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