Monzo takes top spot in MSE poll


Perhaps not the best way to judge how banks are performing, but interesting to see nonetheless. Good to see both Monzo and Starling in the top 3 though.

MSE Banking Customer Service Poll - March 2019 Results

Good results, but my issue with the MSE poll has always been, most of the people voting have no idea about the Customer Service. By the very nature of Monzo being more vocal and having a forum, it will top polls or come in the top of polls. I’m not devaluing them but like I have said before, official figures like the GFK customer service results are going to give you a much better idea of things than polls on MSE, because they are based on random customers, commenting on a service they have used, rather than people just voting on a forum.

It will encourage the other banks though, which can only be a good thing.


Very true. Also, people voting have no idea which bank has the best customer service. They can only judge from banks whose customer service they have has contact with in the past year.


Was the poll promoted anywhere to try and encourage votes?


It’s possible. I can say that I knew nothing about it until the results were published.


These sorts of polls have no basis in any sort of fact. It’s purely based just from those who voted in a specific poll.

If it included the entire customer base then it’d be much more reliable. However, even then it’s just based on individual opinion. One person could rate it as a good and another rate as poor all for the same bank.

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A good result for the challenger banks :+1: