Monzo updates customer service chat hours

Pretty standard like most banks tbh. It wont make that much of a difference for most at least.

Yeah pretty normal for many banks, but it is interesting.

They removed the ability to make an urgent request. Last I checked you didn’t have a say in what is or isn’t urgent?

Then they removed the chat button its self, as an experiment apparently, yet people still don’t seem to be able to easily contact them.

Now hours are reduced.

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No point trying to say anything negative on the other forum about this. Clearly some people will love Monzo whatever happens.
It’s amazing how frosty and argumentative people can be over there.

I responded about an advert which from July would be factually incorrect.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but don’t advertise your there and then move it to urgent queries only.

Was wondering if this change was a hangover from the Vegas branch closure?

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Probably but that may be denied.
I think the design of their app made chat too easy.
Humans try to go for the perceived easy or easier option. Obviously not all!
I mean legacy banks have easy laid out Q&As about their accounts. Some have chatbots - obviously opinions on these differ somewhat.

I don’t see it as a negative thing really.

For me the times are troublesome, I want to be able to contact my bank when I’m free and that’s often not before 8pm, I struggle with 10pm sometimes.

I thought they understood we don’t all work normal hours, and even finishing at 6 pm, getting home, then eating, 8pm doesn’t work.

I don’t use Monzo enough for it to be a problem, but restricted hours like this would mean I couldn’t use them more and definitely not as a main account


That probably contributed to it if not set it in stone

You think an advert nearly a year ago should be held against them after all this year has brought?

I think you miss the point?
All I said was if it’s still a live advert then ASA would have concerns as it’s misleading.

You don’t need to tell me about this year thank you. I’d kindly ask you to keep on topic. I know what is happening.

I based my response on what you said here, you didnt link your post so how am I meant to know you said stuff about the ASA?
I was responding to your comment about “don’t advertise your there and then move it to urgent queries only.” and I said the ad was nearly a year ago and circumstances change…

I was just chatting to my friend who is a nurse, and it reminded me, the NHS and nurses and doctors are big news right now, many of them work 7-7 or 7.30 - 7.30 or 8-8 etc, so they couldn’t use Monzo because of its support times. Then it made me think of all these workers working 14 hour shifts, or those in warehouses and factories doing 12 + hour shifts. We don’t live in a 9-5 world.

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As someone who works 13 hour shifts this would affect me.
I think there are too many people who are centred still around M-F 9-5.

As I said above I don’t think it will personally affect me in a big way but people in health & social care will be affected. There are other industries where they work 4 on and are long unsociable shifts.

I commented on an advert and said if still live. Sometimes adverts are left in places.
If it’s not current then Monzo need to ensure it’s removed from everywhere.

Anyhow people seem to take offence at my opinion which is strange because I commented on facts which cannot be disputed.

I actually think this affects people who work regular daytime hours more than it affects people who work night shifts.

For non-critical issues I’d ideally want to contact my bank after I get home from work not whilst I’m at work. This change limits that opportunity more for people on regular daytime work hours than it does for those working nights.

But I’m not particularly fussed by the change because weekends are still available. If they took away weekends that would be an issue.

Rather than times at which chat support is available, for me the bigger issue with Monzo customer service is the apparent limited capacity for telephone support (although I get the impression this is common across Fintechs and not unique to Monzo). I haven’t needed telephone support yet but if I had a critical issue this would be my preferred channel of communication so stories of people sometimes being redirected to chat when they try to call (presumably because phone lines at capacity) is my biggest concern with Monzo customer service.

I didn’t mention nightshifts, because I wasn’t on about those working nightshifts, they won’t need to phone a bank while they are working generally.

Ah fair enough. Just assumed you were referring to overnight shifts.

But even though I work shorter hours than the shifts you mentioned I don’t think I’m massively less affected. Commute time still means very limited opportunity for those on 9-5 to contact the bank for non-urgent issues during the week.

Keeping weekend hours available is crucial.

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The reduction in hours is certainly significant, but I wonder about the need for that access or the fact that it could be a deal-breaker.

Is it a particular type of account-use which requires that access?

I understand why new users might feel the need, but established accounts, not so much.

Isn’t it more about the ease of mind that you can contact your bank ? Because Monzo have sent out that message to it’s current users, but it will only be advertising it’s new hours in it’s publicity and so on, it won’t be telling people they can contact them 24/7 it will do like other banks do, say for card losses etc.

If you work long hours, would you risk using a bank with limited customer service hours when you know that most of the time you might need them, they will be closed ?

If I was signing up for a bank now, and it offered hours that wouldn’t suit me, I personally would move on, so many other banks about nowadays.

It’s also very hard to use the in-app chat for urgent requests now. There is no chat button, you have to use the help system to scroll through articles, so people will phone up the bank, because Monzo make it harder to use chat for urgent support, so I understand why they have restricted the hours because people are phoning, but they made it so you have to phone.

So I agree with you about established accounts, but I think its essential customer support is right. and cutting hours, making it more difficult isn’t right.


I work nights, have been for years and I dont find this a big problem. Monzo will be similar to just about everything else (including banks) with hours they have support but unlike most other things I cant leave a chat message and wake up to a response. The others I have to actually adjust my times to call and wait on hold hoping to get through before my shift starts.
If I have fraud/urgent stuff I will get a 24/7 response but if its something simple I will leave a message, go to bed and wake to the response. If I have a problem with my mobile which would have a huge impact on my work I cant call unless its normalish hours and its just a reality. Broadband down? same as everything else limited hours, my legacy bank are very similar hours.

It would always be better to be 24/7 for everything but its certainly not a reason to NOT bank with monzo given nearly every other bank/service is the same.