Monzo why so much hate?

So I have gone back to Monzo and know they get a hard time on here but I’m loving the app and everything in general so far besides a issue with my card which was sorted fairly quick.

The pots, bills from pots, joint account all seem great.

I have been starling from the early days and it was my main account since maybe 2016

I used Revolut for travelling as rates were always better I found and I went metal for lounge access, travel insurance, stocks (down £500 at current thanks corona) and phone insurance.

A lot of Monzo forum members are nuts and super die hard but why do people hate their banking offering so much on here.

Tbh I found starling did not freshen up the app or I haven’t seen much development In the 3-4 years I banked with them.

If Revolut offered joint accounts and had British banking license I probably would have that as my main account as I have so much with them already.

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I’m not convinced there is much “hate” for the offering itself, other than the comments about the noisy-looking app.

It’s more about Monzo the community (and, as you say, the die-hardness which goes with it). But then a community as busy as that one will always be Marmite.


I’ve not really seen much “hatred” on here for Monzo’s banking offering.

Personally I’m sad at the way they run their online community (summarily banning users for expressing right-of-centre opinions etc).

But I like their mobile app and I do my day-to-day banking with Monzo. Large transactions (eg house/car) I’ve done with traditional banks as I don’t feel I can rely on Monzo support to quickly lift transaction limits.

And I’m also concerned at what I’ve read about them shutting down accounts based on spurious false-positive fraud checks.


I have a Monzo account I use it, but I haven’t been on the forum for months it’s not friendly unless you are pro Monzo. That is different to hating the product.

Monzo is a different offering to starling I don’t try to compare the two. Both obviously aim for different markets.

Revolut just doesn’t offer the security for me, opting for a foreign banking licence where there would be no real protection if a big bank failed because it was easier to apply for a licence there, shows the mentality of it’s management.


Thanks for replies, maybe the comments I have seen directed at the community side of things made me feel their was some that were completely against so it’s surprised me to see people say they use Monzo.

Clearly I did not read between the lines.

I do agree on their forum being crazy.

I almost got flogged for ordering new card because mine was super shitty and my fiancé’s was great. :joy:


I do frequent the Monzo community, and I’ll admit that I enjoy some of the stuff on there, but as both of you have mentioned, it can be a risky business posting anything controversial or not in line with the “group think”

I think the difference here is that you do get a more balanced opinion, and can have a good healthy debate without the fear of having the post flagged by over zealous mods or getting banned altogether.


It’s not just the Monzo community who are guilty of this either, over on the MSE forum, I’ve just been berated for telling someone to have a look at Revolut/Monese/Transferwise when they asked for advice about a Euro account.
This was because any institution without FSCS protection is too risky and they will all go bust taking your money :rofl:

This is despite MSE having a whole page dedicated to prepaid travel cards… and guess which is their top pick??
Yup, Revolut :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

They went live in April 2017.

Absolutely this. Impossible to offer an objective opinion if it is in any way less than fawning over Monzo. Forum has a pack mentality. App itself is OK. Service is variable.


I was rough guessing year but hey December 2017. Near the start at least.