More difficult to borrow with a fintech bank?

I’ve noticed since being with starling borrowing doesn’t seem as straightforward.

I got a car on finance and they needed to see a bank statement which was the same with a loan. When I was with Santander and did this previously it all went through automatically.

It’s like they can’t see I have the bank account I say I have.

Not the end of the world but it does slow things down.

Least they offer you loans tbh

My report is looking too bad to give me guaranteed application to Capital One rn :joy: account ages are too young but my credit utilization is banging and so are my repayments

I wouldn’t be so quick to get into debt at your age but if you do want to the traditional banks are the way to go :joy:

When I was 18 Santander gave me a credit card with a £3000 limit no questions asked and a £2000 overdraft for managing my account well as they put it :scream:

It’s smart to make borrowing harder, they have no data to base lending decisions on.

Your credit record has no relevance to a bank, big banks base decisions on many factors your credit record is only one of them. With a new bank they have no historical data, they don’t know there profile of customers, so have no idea what lending entails. Every single bank is different. For example if I log into my barclays account there is a whole pre-approved section, based on my account, all banks do the same, some make it public like barclays, some do not, but that is why you can walk into a branch, and they can tell you straight away if you can get a loan or overdraft, or they will say they will need to run checks.

Over time Starling with have the data, they will adapt and change, but at the start they are doing what they should be doing, and that is being very conservative. They will also agreed to act like that, during its banking licence application.


My only real debt is an £85 overdraft with nationwide :joy: that I have the next 4 years to pay off (that I’m going to pay back with my TSB switching bonus)

Besides that just cashback/rewards card

P.S. does anyone know a cashback card that works with contactless? My Aqua Rewards doesn’t but I couldn’t name another that does

Edit: can’t be the AmEx one as I only use cashback card when AmEx isn’t available :frowning: sry

Fintechs don’t report to all three credit reference agencies, that could be why.

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The issue was borrowing from others when his main bank account is with Starling, not borrowing from Starling itself. But yes, generally newer banks will have less data on you.


Surely you’d have a credit report with more than just the Fintech memes ?

Aqua do issue Contactless Cards to some customers - or you could use it via a Curve Card.

Otherwise my cash back cards from:

Capital One

are all contactless

I want Apple Pay though :cry:

What’s the cashback like on Capital One? Could I get a link too :slight_smile:

Add natwest to the list…


Isn’t that like 0.25%

Capital One no longer offer it to new customers.

It used to pay 1% and they even paid some customers an additional £10/year just for having the card. They have cut the cashback now to 0.25/0.5% depending on the customer (and the £10 has gone)

My ‘favourite’ card - again no longer available is one by Creation - that still pays 0.5% on everything and 1.5% on petrol and supermarket spend.

Yep! Monzo for example only reports to TransUnion, you will most likely fail a bank check instantly.

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That’s what I was thinking too. But you could leave a high street bank account open (and not use) and it would show on the three CRAs.

That might be risky as they could verify you have a bank account but not that you have an income. When you are asked for your bank details during a credit application it should be the account that receives your income (they sometimes specify this).

I’ve not encountered that but I’ve not applied for credit except a credit card. I meant more in general it won’t raise a red flag on a credit report as there will be an account (as it doesn’t report positive balance).