MPs demand action over rise in online bank crashes

I’ve only been a victim of a bank crash once that I recall, which was HSBC about 3 or 4 years ago, but I’ve not been affected by any others.

How common are they? I know we have the Starling thread here, but I’ve never personally been affected by those either, and wouldn’t even know of them if they weren’t mentioned on this forum.

I think it depends what they mean by a ‘crash’

If they mean issues on the scale of TSB then that’s very rare.

If they mean faster payments going down for a bit then yeah that’s probably more common, but nobody notices as they’re queued up and sent later.


Barclays always seem to be planning some maintenance or planned downtime; even yesterday they were down for an hour and a half to in their words “Wind the clocks back.”

Since joining them every six months the system has to be taken down to either add or subtract an hour, you’d think by now they’d have it automated? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just shows, though, that the thing about mobile banks being particularly prone is what many said it was - a bit of a myth. Just a bit more visible.


Downtime of banks is getting worse not better, even the new banks are constantly having issues. So they are right to demand action, there is no reason in the year 2019 that every day there is an issue with one bank or another, yes the issue might be only for a few minutes, only affect a few people, but times that by each bank, and that is a lot of issues all the time.

If banks truly published downtime it would be substantially more than we think, how many times has Starling been down or had issues and not reported it ? At least with the banks like Barclays they actually record every downtime no matter how small.


I think major issues are fairly common, about once or twice a year if you look across all banks. The biggest ones I can remember are TSB and, about six years ago, there was also a software update at RBS that broke their banking platform and had to be rolled back due to a mistake in the code.

Because it had been pushed to production, there was then a huge backlog of transactions which took them days to clear before all customers had a fully updated account.

More regular downtimes are either planned maintenance (so some warning is usually given as Barclays do with the clock change) or issues with capacity where only, say, 50% of infrastructure goes offline rather than a full blackout (so it still works but is buggy or requires a few tries to do things).

Of course, there was also the famous Visa outage.

Finally worth a mention is that scheduled downtime is often needed to launch new features at traditional banks due to the way their systems work. This meant that many had downtime to prepare for open banking, or make changes for ringfencing, etc

Currently both Halifax and Lloyds seem to be down?

I can confirm both the Halifax and Lloyds websites are down and that Halifax’s online and mobile banking are down too.

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As is MBNA and all their apps

I think basically Lloyd’s Banking group is down


It looks like that’s the case.

All three main brands (Bank of Scotland, Halifax & Lloyds) have a “problem occurred” message on my phone.

The apps don’t load at all.