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New functionality in the latest Santander iOS app release. Actually not bad, if not remotely groundbreaking - spending insights and charts.

What I like: the monthly account summary, which includes the last four months and shows comparative figures on cash flow, summary by type (and the categorisation seems reasonably accurate).

What I don’t like: the gamification of it - 2 of the 5 insights I’ve had so far were quizzes. “Test your Deliveroo spending knowledge” and a general quiz. I can understand the format, but I’d rather just have the insights.

It’s still not the best app - slow to logon, too many steps required to make a payment (e.g. if you only have one account, it doesn’t default to populating it as the ‘from’ account), no instant balance update notifications, etc - but this is a nice addition.

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Step in the right direction, at least?

Noticed this on the Android app yesterday too, although I only have a savings account with Santander so can’t make any use of it.

I’m a bit of a data and graphs freak, so anything to make things like this easier and more accessible is good in my opinion.

This is basically just the “Santander Wallet U.K.” app, previously known as “Santander Spendlytics”, rolled into the main app.

So it is nothing special yet, but part of the reason for integrating it into the main app may have been to allow for further development around targeted insights - improving the features and allowing it to become more useful?

Anyway, it’s probably for the best that Santander are now only having to maintain one app; it should lead to quicker improvements.

(I think I mentioned the plans for this in the “Banking on iOS 14” thread).

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