N26 add BACS, Direct Debit support

Still surprised that this wasn’t available at launch, but good to see they’re making progress.



Considering Monzo still have some acceptance issues, I can see this being problematic for people for a year at least.

But, that’s a massive obstacle out of the way for them now :clap:


I just spotted this on Twitter. Given that I’ve decided to keep my N26 Metal account I’m really pleased. I’ve asked them when CASS is coming as that might be when I switch away my HSBC “signed up for the transfer bonus” account

Now if I could just save payees the account would do everything I need…

I am pleased that they are catching up, but why would you launch a bank account without two key features that are actually needed by most of the people in this country?

DDs and salary payments are hardly optional extras.


More likely to be six years, good luck with six weeks!

Considering only 30% of people pay their salary into their monzo account it’s not that important :joy:

Not sure what it’s like with starling.

It’s pretty important if you want it to be your primary account, not their cocking about with tech account.



Perfect summary


That’s 300k customers paying in their wages/salary other payment considering Starling are only just about hitting 400,000 k customers compared to Monzo 1.3 million I think that’s impressive

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The problem is the traditional banks use it as proof people don’t take the new banks seriously or don’t trust them.

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I noticed this before it was announced because I was on Faster Payments sort code checker lmao, I assumed they were doing a silent release where it’d just work one day though

That’s a good thing for the challengers though - the longer the rest of the “traditional” market sleeps, the more of a headstart the challengers can get.
Although from seeing Barclays slowly but surely making improvements, at least they seem to have taken notice, not least by poaching Starling’s former Chief Platform Officer.


What % of those 400k pay in their salary? I didn’t see that figure.

I meant regarding Monzo with 1.3 million customers 30% paying in their salary that’s 300k customers. No idea regarding Starling with only 400k customers

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Yep. I was with you. Just wondered if there was a proper comparison available. Would be interesting to know if Starling are more or less than 30%.

We do know that the average desposit with starling is higher. Around £800 vs £150 with monzo but that was a while ago. Not sure if there are more up to date figures.

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Yeah, the £150 figure came from February 2018 I believe, prior to the prepaid closure taking place (prepaid balances were not included in the deposit figures, if I remember correctly).

Interested, did they ever come back to you on this? Sorry if you already said and I missed it!