N26 App Update

N26 released this update today

TBH I’m a little confused because I’ve been paying my salary in and I have direct debits setup

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Can you save payee details yet? That’s the one thing I’m waiting for before moving most of my day-to-day banking across.

No android update yet :frowning:

not that I can see

I love the please allow 6 weeks for this to come into effect statement on the app update.


Where does one see their direct debits in N26 even?

i thought you couldn’t see them but they do work.

EE have been direct debiting my phone bill since I got the account in November

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Apparently you can see them :eyes: after they debit once :thinking: your guess is as good as mine where you find them though


Can anyone please advise how to download the app? I cannot find it in the Play Store.

Thanks I was looking for it using Android 5.1.1 I can find it on Android 9. Problem solved.