N26 Application Rejection


I applied for the N26 ages ago, and was met with quite an abrupt message saying they could not open an account, no further discussion.

I found this really strange since I’ve never had an issue opening any accounts. My credit file is excellent, and I can be verified digitally.

I was just wondering if they suffered a glitch or if anyone was able to get to the bottom of what this means?


I had exactly the same experience, funnily enough. No other bank had ever rejected me, but I could never find out why.

In the end I didn’t care…

When did you apply

I was rejected too, but I learned that was because I hold an N26 account in Germany. You can only hold one account with them apparently. I stuck with my German one as I also have a Maestro card on the account (which is pretty much accepted everywhere in Germany even when Mastercard is not).

I think it was Nov 2018, last year?

I seem to remember that the various forums where full of stories of people who had N26 account applications rejected when they they first became available in the UK.

I think they were (maybe still are? I don’t really follow them very much) just really really strict at the time.

I was told after a week plus of no progress on my sign up and me then stating not to go ahead that I’d never be able to be a customer in the future.

With CS and processes like that I don’t think most likely ever want to be one anyway. :rofl:

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I think you are right, given their attitude not sure I want to bank with them anyway. :joy:

My mum tried to open an account, to open an account with Italian ID you have to have a driving licence. That was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, you have to be a driver to have a bank account, I told N26 where to go, and it wasn’t down a motorway.

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I’m with N26.

If you’re not, please don’t worry. It’s shite and didn’t live up to the hype.


:joy::joy: That made me laugh :+1:

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It’s not you, Michael. It’s them! You’re really missing nothing :wink::+1:

Think of it as a lucky escape - you’re honestly not missing anything

Yeah trust me I’d rather they rejected my application from the start :thinking:

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Frankly there is little point unless you just need a spending account. The offering is nowhere near a full banking service.