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So now N26 has officially had its UK launch, how do we all feel about it? I’m personally fed up already. They’re not offering Maestro, from what I’ve heard no EUR account either. Their signup process is inconsistent.

I’ve literally had to go to their Twitter support to ask them to look into my signup. I’d recommend you do the same @danmullen. They just need email and DoB!

What are they actually offering that helps them compete? I’m clueless


Thanks @Recchan. I’ve actually tweeted them twice about it already - once to their main account, once to their UK one. No reply as yet…

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Private message the support account and ask them to have a look. That’s what I did and I’ve had a reply.

Edit: They got back to me and he’s poked the verification team. Using this as an opportunity to ask about BACS and CHAPS! As well as € accounts


I’ll give it a go thanks :+1:t2:

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I don’t think any bank/fintech in the UK is going to bother with Maestro. Too much work for something a small portion of travellers would use and Mastercard is far superior.

That doesn’t help me visit the Netherlands though does it. If Revolut do the whole “you can issue your own card type” thing then they better include maestro. The logo is superior

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It doesn’t, but not everyone is going to the Netherlands or Germany. You’ll just have to withdraw cash at the ATM in the Netherlands/Germany.

Revolut and N26 sadly has no intentions to do a Maestro card for the non-Maestro countries.

Besides, N26 and Revolut have way bigger priorities. Revolut still to this day doesn’t have Apple Pay.

According to Samuel from Revolut when they launch the chosen issue type cards, you’ll be able to choose Maestro too.

Edit: there’s no ETA for this

Hmmm…probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he gave out information he isn’t supposed to. There hasn’t been any official statement from Revolut about Maestro coming to the UK, or multiple staff saying so.

I’ve been waiting since December last year for them to give me an option between VISA and Mastercard (since I always get Mastercard) and AndreasK finally heard me and manually gave me a VISA.

I’m not surprised there isn’t a ETA because it looks like they had done ZERO movement on this.

I’ve never had MasterCard declined in Germany or the Netherlands (except where someone explicitly doesn’t accept cards). I thought (feel free to correct me) that anywhere that accepts Maestro accepts MasterCard.

I can’t see why any bank /fintech startup would offer Maestro unless they’re operating in a country that still uses it.

Some supermarkets etc don’t take Mastercard but take Maestro. You’re unlikely to get it in any tourist areas or any places where tourists frequent though.

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Andreas got you a Visa issued? I’ve tried getting a Visa before and it was basically a case of “do one, you’ll get what you’re given”.

Revolut mentioned you’d be able to choose your sisued type of card, I asked Samuel if that would include maestro.

Well, I got a response from the N26 Support account on Twitter. Basically verification can take “a few days”. They have had a lot of UK signups and are working through them.

Disappointing after waiting months for early access :confused:

Did you mention you’ve been waiting a few days and people who verified afterwards have been done before you? That’s how I got them to look into mine individually

Presumably those places don’t exclusively take Maestro though. (Again just asking)

I generally travel with Visa, Amex and MasterCard which migh also explain why I’ve never run into any trouble. I spend the better part of 3 months per year in Germany

I have Revolut Visa. It was all that was offered for free. I didn’t really need or want a card as I use Revolut just for transferring money

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Yes they do take Maestro pretty much exclusively, that and VPay (no idea what this is so let’s go with exclusively) iirc. I can’t remember the name but Albert something was a prevelant name I saw on Revolut forums

Edit: Albert Heijn

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Our UK accounts are single currency accounts, this means they’re are in GBP and our other markets across Europe have Euro currency accounts.
You can top up your N26 account by transferring money from another GBP account. Whilst we don’t currently accept BACS Salary payments, this will for sure come towards the end of this year.

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Yes he did. This was back in June though, when AndreasK was actually active in the forums. He isn’t now.

Yes, I definitely saw a thousand times they will soon able you to choose between VISA and Mastercard. That is in their plans, but it’s been in their roadmap for at least a year now.

Them adding Maestro to the mix is new to me though, and that’s why I don’t believe Samuel until I see it said a number of times by staff or by official statement.

I spoke to my brother who lives in Germany about this and he says everywhere takes mastercard. He does have a German bank account though so not sure if that is maestro.

So it seems like N26 will consider offering Maestro and Euro accounts if we bug them enough. Trying to get an email that I can send feedback to currently.

Edit: seems enough people need to be interested that it could go to their country managers.

I’m still waiting for a reply about my verification status though and I’m honestly about to flip my lid in a minute. It’s like they’re doing things in surname alphabetical order!