N26 Metal Refunds

Has anyone got their refund for N26 not ensuring packaged accounts meet the needs of the customer?

They haven’t been contacting me with updates like I had expected and it’s getting a bit old tbh

Yep, I got mine on January 20 along with an accompanying email to confirm.

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I only contacted them a bit ago and they ensured me that I’d be credited but they haven’t actually followed through with an email (or the money)

I asked for an update but I haven’t had one

As far as I’m aware the process was mostly automated, so it’s bizarre you were missed.

Did you receive this email late last year?

If not, it’s possible you signed up after they had fixed their on-boarding process to no longer be considered mis-selling.

I’d suggest contacting them again by email so you can keep a record (or by phone if you have the ability to record the call), and then seek retribution from the ombudsman if necessary.

On the other hand, it could also be worth just waiting. In my experience, they typically suck at communication outside of automated processes, but do follow through with their promises. I had to request a chargeback one time, the support agent said they would refer my request to the relevant team to look into it for me. I received no additional communication after that, but about a week later they had refunded me.

I closed my account before the FCA bollocked them for it

No, they confirmed I was entitled to a refund when I emailed them. I simply explained to them that I had purchased N26 Metal (relatively soon to its launch) and that the insurance product wasn’t suitable for me as I book my travel on credit cards.

I actually have contacted them by email - they’re just being shitty

Someone else on the forum (or who was on the forum anyways) contacted them after me and was promised a refund of fees and got told the amount and gave them the details whereas they haven’t even contacted me regarding my refund since confirming I was entitled to it. It’s ridiculous.

If I still had my N26 account I would agree as they could easily refund me to there - but as my account has been closed as of when I got rid of my N26 Metal (about 9 months in) they need to contact me for some details so it can’t be a case of not communicating with me

I’m going to email them in a few minutes to ask if there’s any updates

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Ah, that makes much more sense then! I would definitely pursue this with the ombudsman if you don’t get anywhere after emailing them again today.

On a more positive note, at the very least, you’ll be earning more in interest the longer they make you wait, and the 8% they pay trumps what’s currently available in the savings market. :smirk:

I hope you get it sorted!

They emailed back saying they have no updates and have 56 days to respond to my complaint (presumably they noted my lack of a refund as a complaint)

But yeah it’s nice to know I’ll be receiving that yummy 8% interest on my cash :slight_smile: