N26 Partners


I don’t suppose any of you (@thefifthrace) :joy: have used any of the N26 partners? Aside from LoungeKey of course…

Particularly interested in Babbel as it has Norwegian :wink:

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The only thing I’ve really used is the WeWork voucher so far.

I don’t use the lounge access because when I fly BA I use theirs and when I fly out of Dallas I use the Centrion lounge.


How do you even utilise that? Not that I have any WeWork offices near me…

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I signed up, created a membership and each month I get an invoice and a credit note.

It’ gives me one day per month in any WeWork that has hotdesking spaces available


Oh alrighty, the partner offerings are quite awful tbh. I can only see the WeWork membership being any decent.

They could really improve the offering by extending the insurance to cover professional business and including mobile insurance within the offering.

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I’m optimistic they will in time.


Honestly, if Revolut can improve the insurance part of their offering and remove the limit for foreign cash withdrawals, I don’t see N26 doing very well, now or in the future.

The recent Revolut app (beta) update is honestly gorgeous.

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