N26 plans to double UK staff

The Berlin-headquartered business said it is now signing up 1,000 customers every day in the UK following its launch here in October. More than 200,000 British customers have signed up so far, a spokesman said.

N26 has hired former Bain & Company management consultant Will Sorby to lead its UK business.

“In the next six months alone, we expect to double our UK-dedicated workforce with a heavy focus on building our ‘on-the-ground’ team in London,” Mr Sorby said.

I’m surprised they have so many customers in the UK and have to wonder how many people are actually actively using their accounts…

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You’re telling me I’m expected to believe N26 are signing up 7,000 people per week?

I’m not sure I buy that in the slightest…

Also, my understanding was that their UK dedicated staff was pretty small anyway - Doubling 10 to 20 isn’t a massive deal…

Until I see some genuine movement with N26, I’ll forever be sceptical.


That will be average Monday to Friday. Although this week is a bank holiday Friday so 4000 a week becomes 1000 a day :sunglasses:

Even the 200,000 customers sounds far fetched… But maybe I’m underestimating their initial marketing push.

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