N26 release notes

From the “What’s new” box in the Google Play Store - inspired by Banksy…

Release notes? Well, we had some. And they. Were. Great. So great that we printed them out and framed them. Unfortunately, as a bank, all framed documents come with a built-in paper shredder. Which was accidentally triggered when we tried to upload them. Whoops.

Well, despite that we’ve added 2 new colors for our Metal cards and managed to still fix some bugs. Happy upgrading!

Plain ridiculous

These N26 people are unknowingly beginning to annoy. There’s only so much goodwill one can create from vapour.

Do you think someone’s forgotten to launch the account - and the marketing team don’t know? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Apple really need to ban release notes like this.


We all need some humour at times, don’t we?

From what I’ve seen, some people have already been invited to open their account, so they haven’t “forgotten”.

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I’m not sure what’s so inappropriate about these release notes.

Those release notes actually put me off joining. I expect my bank to a more professional that that. Millennialisms, passable. Rambling gobshite, unacceptable.


I’d heard that too. Be nice to hear from one of the new account holders.

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Not sure if that’s sarcasm or not, but I’ll bite anyhow. They’re not release notes. They’re utter bollocks!

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Seems like a reference to Banksy.

Instead of getting upset…just don’t get upset.

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This is how you do release notes


:ok_hand: spot on. Just how it should be done


Do you use Babylon health?

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I do… After a year of trying to register with my local doctor surgery and having one problem after another I gave up. I then found GP at Hand and I was registered within about 1-2 hours. They have all my NHS records and I can see a doctor via video chat or I can use live chat.

I haven’t needed to go to surgery yet but it seems to work when I need it.

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Is it a monthly subscription?

I think I saw that and it put me off, with the “one off” fees being around 20/30 quid?

GP at Hand is Free

Ah ok.

Only available for London peeps!

Love the idea, definitely the future!

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Yeah I saw that and that depresses me a little. Lets get a little love for the Bristol/Bath areas.

Definitely something to keep an eye on as they expand though, considering trying to get an appointment is a bag of arse these days. Here they’re booked past December.

Found this when I logged in after the update

Now I have a black icon

Includes lockable spaces. It’s simply a pin to lock and unlock the space. There’s no “friction” as Monzo put it

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They’ve also updated the “upgrade” part, where it shows you what you’re covered for.

The terms of insurance are incredibly sketchy though, in my opinion. I’m not sure how I want to show people this in the wiki page of travel insurance, im half contemplating setting up a website dedicated to card and travel insurance stuff though :thinking: