N26 transfer caused fraud alert with high street bank!

I tried to transfer £100 to my N26 account last night from my Santander account, the transaction was blocked and I had to confirm it was genuine before it went through.

Has anybody else had this with their high street bank?

That’s just standard Santander :+1:


Had this a number of times with Monzo. I just gave up in the end and only transferred from Starling to Monzo as every one of the High St banks I tried didn’t like me transferring a couple of hundred into Monzo. I don’t know if it’s just the big bad banks trying to sabotage the upstart, or perhaps that they have so many fraud problems associated with Monzo accounts they are extra cautious with first time transfers. Perhaps it’s a similar thing with N26, the bigger banks don’t trust transactions enough yet be it because they have no history or because there actually are more suspicious transactions occurring.

I had it last week from Barclays to RBS/TSB so standard

We had just the same when we transferred our money from Santander to Starling.

Can’t remember how we sorted. It might have been a reply to a text.

Yeah, I get that quite regularly when I make the first transfer to another account of mine. With various bank combinations. It’s a bit annoying, but far from a major problem in my mind :slight_smile:

I push spending money to N26 all the time. Never had an issue personally

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It was just a surprise, as I’ve never had this when transferring to Monzo or Revolut.

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