N26 Transfer Money Not Returned

I made a £600 transfer to an account from my N26 account. The transfer never reached its destination. N26 said that it could be because I typed the wrong name on the transfer, even though I have made numerous transfers to this account before and there where no mistakes. Eleven days have gone by and I still haven’t received my money, when I message N26 on the app the customer service is horrible I keep on getting the same copy and paste message that it’s being investigated or they send me a link from 2015 on the bbc website about a new law about preventing wrong transfers happening. It seems like the agents that I message don’t want to help me or give me information as to why this is happening or when I will receive my money. Do N26 have an actual number to call to speak to someone? Or should I make a complaint to the ombudsman? I message them everyday and am getting nowhere. Pls help guys. Thanks

Unless you have Metal there is no way to contact them by phone.

You need to specify you want to make a complaint so its registered, its then dealt with by another team at N26.

There is nothing that can stop a wrong transfer if you send it to the wrong account, they are talking nonsense, there are new checks in place. They can recall a transfer in some cases, but they need to do it there end.

I sent the money to my own personal account. I didn’t make any mistakes, the money just hasn’t showed up. how do I make a complaint

Contact N26 in app, tell them you wish to make a formal complaint, about money sent from your N26 account to an account you own going missing.

You need to specify its a complaint in the message.

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Thankyou. Will let u know how it goes

Hi how did this go for you how long did it take to be resolved I’m in the same exact situation?

They just closed my account and haven’t returned my money. I’ve received emails from them saying to send new account details so they can send my money, which I sent over however I still haven’t received my money. Absolute scam of a bank

The first thing I did when N26 and Bo announced they were closing was to immediately transfer all this money out of the respective accounts. I fear I will be doing so again before the year is up. I wouldn’t trust banks to proactively transfer money to a given account.