N26 vs Dozens

Recently I’ve been using my Lloyds Account more and more for day to day transactions but when I was in Germany I was still transfering money to N26 to avoid the FX charges. At one point I had to transfer money out of N26 which meant typing all my account details because N26 don’t let you save payees. I also (and cannot remember why) transfered some money out of Dozens where I have a list of saved payees.

We’ve done Monzo vs Starling vs N26 to death but it on a basic level I am wondering how much difference there is between N26 and Dozens. Both offer fee free foreign transactions, free card, and instant notifications, but Dozens allows saved payees.

My question for those of your who have more experience with Dozens (I came to it quite late) at a basic banking level is there much difference between Dozens and N26 as right now the only differences I see may make Dozens better.

Dozens is actually probably better, tbh

I’ve looked at both offerings and just decided N26 was better based on their UX/UI as I really dislike Dozen’s design (no offence @rob_dozens, you’ll get there)

Besides that I could see myself using Dozens as an actual thing if they stepped their UX/UI game up

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I have a plan that involves getting a new Starling account in November when I qualify again and at that time I’ll be going Euro and Joint account with them as well but for now I’ve set my N26 metal to not renew and am planning to try Dozens when I go to Paris in 2 weeks.

I actually really like the Mango yellow design but agree the UI could use some improvement.

My only real reason for N26 Metal was unlimited Forex and of course a metal card but I am over metal cards now

I’ve had a few foreign acceptance issues with Dozens. Not disastrous, but i’d guess it’s either the old thing of BIN tables not being updated or such. but some retailers didnt like it, and a couple of bank cashpoints spat it back out. I did tell them in-app. I imagine if it hasn’t already it will settle down, just thought it was worth a mention.

I am very impressed with the company overall though, and am becoming a bit of an AC fanboy. He seems so far to be everything other founders profess to be but is actually the real deal. His responses on their forum are especially impressive. “We know weve cocked up, here’s the reason, were sorry, but we think its for the best.” This debacle of the investment products that still havent launched would have been full on Monzo Plus horror had he not basically said “We’re delaying it, we want to get it right and its taking longer with regulators and such, we’ll get there, thanks for being patient.” No flimflam, just a (in my opinion) genuine seeming bloke coming on and laying it out clearly.


I’ll be carrying N26 as a backup but I’m also really liking what I’ve seen so far. I do need to drop into their community more than I have done so far

Sadly at the moment its deathly quiet, but then I guess these things undulate with the companies themselves. I think theres a lot going on with dozens, but it’s that point post-launch so its all behind the scenes stuff which looks to customers like nothing’s happening. Hopefully like Starling tend to it will all suddenly get going again soon and the community will pick back up too. They are doing a lot of getting out and meeting people which is good, so hopefully they’re getting lots of ideas.

I’ve been following up a failed faster payment from my dozens account.

No explanation as to why it failed.

Money was refunded to my account about a day and a half later.

Dozens also credited a random second amount (far too much to be compensation). Awaiting reply to my last email a day ago.

Reading between the lines, it’s the same old problem we’ve seen elsewhere, when a startup is so reliant on third parties.

Thanks both! Always happy to hear feedback - no offence taken. In fact with 1.6.5 coming out in the next few days you will already see a number of changes :slight_smile:

Is there something specific you are thinking of?

I couldn’t possibly comment :wink:

I might suggest that you will see a lot more content being posted there very soon - and always happy for member contributions as well as feedback.


Hi Rob. In terms of the UI, there’s not one specific thing, but for me the app’s overall look and feel doesn’t fit in with Android at all. It has the feel of an Android app from ~5 years ago before there was any sort of UI standard. There’s also quite a lot of UI elements in the app with very small touch targets, which make it feel like the UI wasn’t designed with touch interaction in mind. That, and the big Dozens button in the corner just feels so out of place.

I know why it’s called Dozens.

Because there’s dozens of people ahead of me in the queue. :confused:

It’s a lot more information dense than some of the others I’ve used but maybe some of the elements could have a bit more padding (especially on the track section)? I agree with @podgib that it doesn’t feel much like Android (compare the “Track” week/month tabs which look worse than the “Your total savings” tabs for example.


On a side note, I’ve had two faster payments out of dozens fail recently without explanation. The possible reasons given by dozens CS definitely don’t apply (incorrect details, closed recipient account).

One was refunded manually, the other was just credited back automatically after a few days.

I had to follow the second one up anyway, as there was no indication in the app as to where the money had come from or why.

Stable faster payments is pretty much a sine qua non, so I hope they sort out their provider or something. Not interested in keeping a close eye on all my faster payments… :joy:

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