N26 You - Replacing Black Tier

Looks like their Black tier has been replaced by “You”.

I personally love the branding of N26, and if I had no idea about Fintechs and just went off the online content, I’d probably chose them as my bank.

I so want them to be the challenger we all hoped they would when they came over, but knowing their processes and “European” tendencies to banking, I just can’t bring myself to use them.

Nice looking cards though!


The branding and app (in terms of aesthetics) are strong…

Features are weak, it’s almost as if they didn’t do their research when coming over to the UK.

Although a certain Hot card seems to be taking a leaf out their book with fee’s… :wink:

Is there actually any difference other than a name change and a choice of card colour? They’re actually really nice colours, at least the digital representations.

Travel insurance is included with N26 You and they’ll be adding the partner offers shortly.

I’ve spoken to Will Sorby and he says stuff is coming (and as of these recent changes with partner deals etc I’m inclined to believe him) but he’s obviously not allowed to discuss this outside the company

I’ve tried seeing if he’d be able to move N26 to more of a competitor when it comes to banking products and that they need to reconsider their market (as they’re in the UK)

Right now I’d settle for being able to store payment recipient details. I don’t complain about N26 very often but I simply can’t be arsed to use it for Money transfers.

They need to sort it out soon because my metal is due for renewal right when I qualify for a Starling account and since I am using Lloyds as my primary bank for everything but international, I’ll likely switch back to Starling for travelling money and spending money and drop N26 back to the free tier

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Re: Travel Insurance,

I’ve noticed that the EU site states “The bank account with travel insurance and your choice of card color.”

and the UK site “A packaged bank account for home and travel.”

If the insurance is included in the UK version then they should make it a bit clearer.

Money transfers is basically the only thing I do with my bank account, so it basically makes N26 useless for me. I genuinely can’t believe it’s taking this long.

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Better N26 or Revolut in your opinion?

Depends what you’re using them for?

Revolut in 99% of cases unless you’re withdrawing like shirt tons of cash or paying a lot on weekends