Nationwide ending cashback on the Select credit card

The title says it all really.

From 01-Dec-2020 Nationwide are ending the cashback on the Select credit card that some customers were still getting. It was removed for new applications a year or so ago and not available on the new Members Credit Card at all.


Nationwide Select is the only credit card I had ever had that has lowered my APR for no apparent reason. No surprise to see the cashback go, just hope they keep the fee free fx transactions.

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That’s a pretty standard nationwide feature now for credit cards IIRC

To be fair, from my own personal perspective being a Nationwide Select Card holder, there seems little point in retaining the card. These days, I tend to use my BA Amex card for non big spend credit card purchases and the larger credit card purchases are always done on an interest free card ergo, my Lloyds Platinum card. I’ll most likely call Nationwide and request they cancel it as it’s rarely used these days anyway.

That’s a bit of a shame, but I still think I’ll be keeping mine.
I’ve had the card for over 20 years and I very much doubt that I would be given a credit limit anywhere near what I currently have with my select card.

I’ll probably keep mine. The credit limit is my highest and decent, I’ve had it the longest out of all my cards and the APR is less than 10% so in the event I ever need to borrow on it (which I’ve never done so far) it is by far the cheapest option of all my cards.

I might look around for a better deal though for everyday spending.


The only Visa cards now offering cashback are, in believe, from Barclaycard and Smile.

It is helpful to have a card that’s free to use abroad on the Visa network as most tend to be Mastercard, but that’s little benefit on its own.

As @dave.b says, though, the writing has been on the wall here for a while so it’s not a surprising move. Visa cards are offering between 1-8% cashback; they also pay out $50 for staking to get a card with cashback (if you have a referral)

I think there’s a thread with a referral from me somewhere if anyone’s interested :wink:

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But on a DEBIT card…

@Seb said Visa, mentioned nowt about credit or debit

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I meant Visa credit really, in the context of the thread, but your post is still helpful!

It’s a ponzi scheme.

I agree fully but I think it’ll still be around for 6-12 months longer :wink:

Probably will run off with all the money people have invested as well