NatWest are giving away premium antivirus software


I discovered the other day that NatWest are giving away premium subscriptions to the (very good) Malwarebytes antivirus software (RRP £50 per year) for free to all existing customers. It’s a welcome change for banks to offer freebies such as this to existing customers instead of reserving them for flashy promotions exclusive to new customers, and they haven’t really promoted it at all, so I thought I’d share it here in case someone else found it of use.

Anyway, to get your free premium licence you just need to log in to your NatWest online banking and select the ‘Security’ tab. From there, ‘Get Malwarebytes’ should be an option, and you then just need to follow the instructions. The premium licence is valid on up to 10 devices and is guaranteed until at least May 2022, plus you don’t need to enter any card details or anything like that - it really is free! You can read more about it here. And by the way, I currently only have a couple of quid in my NatWest Select account so there aren’t any requirements or anything - you could even sign up for a free current account just to get the free £50 software if you wanted to :laughing:

I assume NatWest are offering this in order to reduce fraud, and are hoping that the reduction in fraud payouts as a result of more customers protecting their devices with this software will more than cover the cost to them of providing the licences. Plus, this is especially useful at a time when an unusually large number of people are working from home using computers. Anyway, I hope this was useful to some people :smiley:

Edit: I’ve just found out that this applies to all RBS Group banks, so RBS and Ulster as well, which is good news


It’s interesting that you’ve posted the exact same info here as on the Monzo forum but that aside, I agree, anything that helps banking customers stay safe during their transactions, can’t be sniffed at, and if it’s provided for free, then that’s clearly a bonus. For the vast majority of people using the Windows OS, there shouldn’t be any need to worry about downloading or purchasing any additional anti-virus/malware solutions as Windows Defender works just fine. As long as Windows is set up/allowed to download updates automatically, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

All that aside, I do actually pay for anti-virus, I have Bitdefender Total Security which to be fair, I purchased at a significant discount. But then I also pay for VPN (expressvpn) and secure email (protonmail), again both purchased at significant discount. For some, all these extras might seem totally over the top and unnecessary but each to their own.

I do all of my financial transactions online, so mitigate the risks as best I can.

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Correct - the built-in malware protection in Windows 10 is now one of the leading anti-malware contenders and is perfectly good.

Malwarebytes tends not to fair so well in the published AV leagues but is better than nothing. There’s no real need for it if you’re running Windows 10, but I do use the free (scan-only) version on my Mac once a week or so.

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I presumed those are two different demographics, considering how often that forum is shunned on this one! Like I say, I’m literally only trying to help :slight_smile: I would’ve appreciated finding this out sooner since I was already a Malwarebytes user.

There’s lots of truth to this, and Defender has improved leaps and bounds in recent years, but as long as your computer is powerful enough for a third-party anti-malware software to not noticeably slow it down I don’t see any harm in it (I’ve seen it catch things that Defender has completely missed before) - and your purchasing habits seem to agree with me! :laughing:

Interesting. MacOS is 99% of the time considered to be far more secure than Windows.

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It’s a good offer.

Microsoft has come a long way with defender. It’s excellent. But options are always good. Not everyone is on windows 10 and not everyone is on windows.

A 10 device license for malware bytes is not bad.

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It’s totally fine. It’s your content, post it wherever you like!

As for the antivirus. I’ll stick with Windows Defender, I think. Always found in the past that multiple sets of anti-malware gear often don’t play nice with eachother.

Anybody who has ever tried to work with Norton will know what I am on about. That stuff was awful.


Agreed and precisely the reason why I’ve disabled Windows Defender in W10 and run just Bitdefender Total Security.


Windows defender should do this for you. It detects other anti virus and let’s them take over the AV scanning.

Windows Defender is more than just AV in windows 10.